Sanity-Saving Tech for Road Trips


It’s summer. You know what that means: road trips! They sound like a lot of fun until you start thinking about what that really means for you as a family. Long, boring, monotonous hours in the rain or on a featureless highway with endless choruses of, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” And all that awful fighting between siblings in the back seat, which threatens deadly distraction to the parent driving!

There is hope in this age of technology! While I had those sorts of problems when I was traveling as a child in my parent’s car, we can avoid most of it these days, with some great technical gadgets. Here are a few that may help!

Sanity-Saving Tech for Road Trips!

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Tablet Headrest Mount


No built-in DVD or BluRay player? No problem! When the scenery out the window is getting boring, this Bracketron Universal Tablet Headrest Mount will have the kids quietly watching their own personal TV, using your tablet.

Splitter Adapter


Would you rather listen to something else in the front seat while the kids are listening to a movie in back? Use the iLuv Splitter Adapter to keep the peace. Your kids will each need their own pair of headphones. Both pairs will plug into the splitter and then into the tablet. Two kids can enjoy the movie while you enjoy the quiet and each can control their own volume!

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Do you have bad luck with wires and kids? They can wear them out quickly! With Kinivo BTH240 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, your kids can go wireless. Theycan be easily paired up with any device – tablets, phones, iPods, etc.They even fold up for storage, which ensures they’ll last a lot longer than wired headphones!

Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit


There are enough distractions when you’re on the road with kids – your phone and radio don’t have to distract you, too. Besides, using phones while driving has been banned in many places across the US and Canada. Use the Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit so you can make calls and control the car radio hands-free.

Dual Port Portable Battery Charger


Something I cannot live without on road trips? My multi-use car charger! I can let the kids play with the devices non-stop without worrying about the batteries running out before we hit our destination. The Neptor NP056K Dual Port Portable Battery Charger can charge two devices at once. It even comes in a variety of fun, bright colours!

With these gadgets packed, you can go on road trips without fear! Need more sanity savers? Check out our tips for organizing a long road trip with kids!

Do you have some gadgets or tips to help with peace in the car for those long road trips? Please share in the comments below!

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