What To Consider When Renting A Family Vacation Home


Planning a family vacation and looking to rent a house?  This is a little different than staying at a hotel.  Most (if not all) vacation rental homes will come fully furnished with everything you need such as pots and pans and bedding.  You might want to bring your own pillows, and definitely will have to go food shopping.  Vacationing at a rental home can create some great memories!  Here are a few ideas on where to look.

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What To Consider When Renting A Family Vacation Home

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Lake house: A great family vacation spot can be on the lake.  Lakes tend to be fairly quiet and serene places, practically begging you to lie back in a hammock.  Cool summer breeze blowing through the trees, crickets and fireflies all around you.  Let the kids stay up late and watch them catch fireflies in mason jars.  Are you going to take advantage of the water?  Some houses come with canoes or kayaks for your use while there.

Think about whether you can rent a boat, or jet skis (some lakes do not allow these because the lake is too small, check it out before you go!)  Think about sleeping arrangements.  It might not have the amount of bedrooms you need, but are there other places to sleep?  Like a pullout couch, or maybe the kids can all camp out on the floor, or if they are old enough maybe even camp outside!  How fun would that be for them!

Beach house: Sun, sand and a nice view of the ocean seems like a perfectly relaxing vacation house to me!  Who wouldn’t want to sit on a beach and breathe in the salty fresh air?  Imagine the kids down on the beach building sandcastles while you sun yourself watching them.  If you are thinking a beach house is going to be pricey and out of your budget, consider vacationing with another family.  The cost will go down, the kids will have friends to play with and you will adults to converse with!  Great memories can be made when you vacation with friends.

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Cottage: Maybe being on the water isn’t your thing and you would rather be in the woods breathing in fresh mountain air.  Sounds inviting doesn’t it?  My family actually has a cottage in the mountains and we love to take the kids there.  It’s so quiet and peaceful!  Imagine sitting on the porch once the kids are in bed and enjoying an ice cold drink or cup of tea (or whatever you like to indulge in) after a long day of bike riding or hiking.  Makes me wish I was there now!

Wherever you choose to go for your family vacation, no doubt great family memories will be made, and talked about for years to come.  Maybe you have just stumbled upon a new family tradition.  My family used to go camping every Memorial Day weekend for years, and those of some of my most fondest memories.  I used to look forward to that weekend in May spent in the woods.

Have you rented a family vacation home before?  What were some things you considered when choosing your spot?  Post your comments below!



8 thoughts on “What To Consider When Renting A Family Vacation Home”

  1. We’re renting a place this summer on the beach. I tried to find a beach that was very family friendly; not a lot of drinking teenagers around, and not too crowded.

  2. I have fun memories from going to a couple of cottages as a kid- it was SO MUCH FUN for us, as kids! We have yet to do that with our kids, but I hope we get a chance sometime! :)

  3. We rent cottages every year BUT I have never rented a home like this. I am interested in learning more. I am also super interested in time shares lately. Some seem really great! I see that the pullout couch would make a lot of sense.

  4. We always rent a timeshare from owners. We’d had great success and was always able to stay in beautiful places at great prices. We have never rented a house before but it’s something I would absolutely consider!

  5. The family vacay homes we tried was an actual home that people live in seasonally in the city, and a cottage out in the country. It was amazing. Immaculately clean and super convenient. Best part was that it was so much more affordable than staying at a hotel, and it even had more amenities than a hotel. We loved having a kitchen with everything we would need to cook and bake. There is just something so cozy about a family vacation home or a cottage. Maybe its that element of “home” that went into decorating it. We always have a hard time leaving.

  6. Yes, we have rented both and vacation home and a cottage before. The most important factors for us was one that would accommodate our large family size. Nice article.

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