Vacation Packing Tips With Twin Toddlers

Planning a family vacation with little ones? Check out our vacation packing tips for travel with toddlers to make your family travel much easier!

What do you pack when you are traveling with twin toddlers?  The question should really be what don’t you pack!  Relax, you actually do not have to pack everything they own to make this an enjoyable experience.  Just keep a few things in mind (and close by) when you are packing.  Wipes for one, keep them as handy as possible!  Maybe a change of shirt for you, you never know what your tots will wipe on you!  Keep reading for some other packing tips for travel with toddlers on how and what to pack for a vacation with your twin toddlers.

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Packing Tips for Travel with Toddlers…Times Two!

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Ziploc bags: Have you ever heard of packing your clothes in Ziploc bags before placing them in your suitcase?  I haven’t done this myself, but I saw someone pack up a family of 7 (yes 5 kids and 2 adults) in one carry on piece of luggage for a 3 night 4 day trip.  You may need more than one bag given that you are packing for toddlers and they tend to need a little bit more, especially if they are in the middle of potty training, you will need extra clothes!  A little side note on traveling with a potty training toddler, I made the mistake putting my daughter on the plane in big girl undies and of course while climbing she had to go potty and had an accident!

Activity bags: This seems like one of those no-brainer packing tips for travel with toddlers, but pack an activity bag for each child.  Whether you are driving or flying you want to keep them entertained for smooth travel.  You don’t have to pack every toy they own either.  Make sure they have whatever it is that makes them comfortable (a stuffed animal, a blanket, whatever it is do not forget it!)  Then pack a small toddler sized backpack with crayons, a coloring book, a book, maybe a new stuffed animal.

Prepared snacks: If you are flying you might not be able to bring snacks by security but you can always call the airline.  The idea is they each have their own snack bag as well.  They can reach in and grab something to eat that is already portioned for them and cut up if need be.  This will save you some time and aggravation while in the car.  We all know how toddlers can be when they are hungry!  Time savers are best!

Stroller: This is a definite do not forget item on your list!  Think of how your vacation would go if you had to carry your twins everywhere you went.  If you are flying, you will most likely have to check this onto the plane.  Many airlines allow the first checked item for free if it is under a certain amount of pounds.  Also, a good idea for travel would be a double umbrella stroller rather than the bigger one you might have already.  They are nice and slim for packing.

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Entertainment: Whether this is a portable DVD player or tablet, you might want something to help keep them entertained and maybe even help them sleep.  If you are packing a portable DVD player, do not forget their favorite movie and also maybe a new one.
You know your tots and what they like.  The key to (fairly) smooth traveling with toddlers (especially twins) is to have a few new things for them as well.  We all know how much kids like new toys.  New coupled with old and comfortable can definitely help with having an enjoyable travel experience.

What have you learned from traveling with toddlers to make it easier on you as parents?  Do you have any other packing tips for travel with toddlers? Share your stories below!

11 thoughts on “Vacation Packing Tips With Twin Toddlers”

  1. What a great help you are going to be for all those parents out there. Sometimes you don’t think about things like that, so I will have to remember these when our baby becomes a toddler!

  2. These are all awesome tips! I just took a vacation with a toddler and we had lots of snacks and activities ready to go :)

  3. It’s so important to teach kids how to travel. Some adults were never taught properly and they stink. It always seemed like one of my kids was choking on a dorito. thanks for the tips.

  4. Traveling is so hard! I have three and I panic every time but they are getting older so its getting easier and they can carry their own stuff now which is nice.

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