Pack for Your Outdoor Adventures Like a Pro with Atlantic Luggage + Sweepstakes #AtlanticLuggage

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Planning an outdoor family vacation? Check out our tips for packing like a pro! One of our secrets? Atlantic Luggage 21

Today we’re sharing some great outdoor family vacation packing tips, a Special offer on Atlantic Luggage 21” Spinner , plus an amazing sweepstakes for your family from Atlantic Luggage! The fall is the perfect time to plan a few fun outdoor family vacations, don’t you think? It’s not so hot that you’re sweltering and most of the nastiest bugs are pretty much gone. Sure, it can get a bit chilly at night, but if you pack right, that’s not a big deal!

How to Pack for Your Outdoor Family Vacation

I’ll be honest, it’s been a while since I packed for camping. I’m kind of a baby about being outside at night! But Jacob wants to go so bad, so I’m really trying to make the effort! Thanks to my brand new, oh-so-pretty, Atlantic Luggage Ultra Lite 3 21” Inch Expandable Spinner, I can pack everything I need, want and may even think I’ll need or want! Check out a few tips for packing for your outdoor family vacations!

  • Pack versatile clothes: I try to pack versatile clothes, like a lightweight flannel that can be layered over a t-shirt. Roll the sleeves up when it gets warm! Sweatpants can be worn when it gets cool, then to bed at night as pajamas.
  • Don’t skimp on the shoes! This is where you need to save the most room, especially if you’ll be hiking! You need a good pair of hiking shoes for each person. I’d also take a regular pair of sneakers for just hanging out (boots get hot!), plus water shoes for showers.
  • Go overboard with the first aid kit: Years ago, we went on a cruise and I packed like my entire bathroom. Everyone laughed at me, until they got sunburns, sand-chafed thighs, cramps, etc. A cruise ship is kind of like the outdoors, because you’re in the middle of the ocean and the on-deck shop is super expensive! First aid is no place to cut back.
  • Leave a little space for souvenirs: I always forget to do this, then regret it later. If you leave some space for the things you pick up along your family vacation, you won’t need to spend money on shipping it back.

My best tip? Use the right luggage! As I said, I have the Atlantic Luggage Ultra Lite 3 21” Inch Expandable Spinner. You can fit pretty much everything and the kitchen sink in this baby! Check out all that room:

Pack for Your Outdoor Adventures Like a Pro with Atlantic Luggage

Hmmm, the kitchen sink, I didn’t think to pack that! Seriously, the right luggage means picking a pieces that’s super roomy yet also lightweight, so it doesn’t break your bag as you lug it to your campsite!

The Atlantic Luggage Ultra Lite 3 21” Inch isn’t just super pretty to look at (don’t you love that color?), it’s packed (pun intended) with features like:

  • 360-degree Spinners to roll in every direction without any real effort on your part.
  • Protective wheel housing and guards, plus molded corner guards to help keep you from crashing into things.
  • Retractable aluminum handle with two heights to let you roll in comfort!
  • Super convenient pockets on the outside, so you can reach those “need it now” items with ease.
  • Tapered expansion in the main compartment. Expand it a little or a lot with a pull of the zipper!

I love that the suitcase itself is light, so it doesn’t add much extra weight. Obviously, if you pack a ton of bricks in it, it will still weight a ton. It doesn’t alter physics! But it does make toting that ton easier! I was able to pack clothes, shoes, my first aid kit and so much more. I even have my son’s favorite pillow under all that! You can see I still have space left over.

Pack for Your Outdoor Adventures Like a Pro with Atlantic Luggage

Win a Family Vacation to Yellowstone National Park

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The grand prize is a family trip for four to Yellowstone National Park lasting four days and three nights. Total value is $4,572! All you have to do is fill out a simple form and you’re entered. SO easy, right? The sweepstakes ends on October 31st. Winner will be chosen within 30 days after that.

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Do you have any great tips for packing for outdoor family vacations? Share in the comments!

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135 thoughts on “Pack for Your Outdoor Adventures Like a Pro with Atlantic Luggage + Sweepstakes #AtlanticLuggage”

  1. I fi won this it would be the first time I packed for a family outdoor vacation. Thank you for the tips they will come in handy.

  2. We are actually looking to buy a spinner. Will keep Atlantic Luggage 21” Spinner in mind when choosing. Our current luggage was a High School graduation gift, um, in 1981!! It’s held up great, but it’s not exactly easy to get through an airport and forget getting it into an overhead!

  3. Not skimping on shoes is the best travel advice ever! Having hurting, bleeding feet ruins anything. and good luggage is worth its weight in gold. (and YELLOWSTONE!! the best!!)

  4. I could sure use new luggage–last time I checked my bag it came pack looking like it flew strapped to the plane rather than inside! Love the Yellowstone giveaway!

  5. I entered…and I would LOVE to have our family go to Yellowstone! It would be so different from anything we’ve ever done. Thanks, too, for the great tips on packing for an outside trip!

  6. I have never been… it would be awesome to experience. Although, with my luck it would probably explode while I was there…

  7. I agree with you about not skimping on the first aid kit! We just returned from a two-week British Isles cruise, and between the traveling and the 40 degree difference in temperature (it was 93 when we left Florida, 53 when we landed in Copenhagen) my husband and I both ended up with nasty colds. I always pack ibuprofen and Imodium in my first aid kid, and I usually have allergy/cold medication as well. I forgot to bring any this time, and we had to spend $14 on the ship just to get something to stop our noses from running right off of our faces!

  8. I have a tendency to over pack when I pack for an outdoor vacation. I always pack extra just in case the weather is wrong.

  9. Rosanne Robinson

    I try to only pack the necessities for our trips because I want to leave enough room to buy new clothes & souvenirs. I also like to take a change of clothes & toiletries in the carry-on luggage, the airlines have lost my husbands luggage on a couple of trips..

  10. Need a set of luggage. Have only been our on my own a couple years and until now I just go to Momma and beg for hers.

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    this Atlantic Luggage Ultra Lite 3 is just what I need. The older I get the more difficult luggage becomes and this would suit me down to a tee. :-)

  12. I can’t believe with all the traveling that i’ve done that i’ve never owned a nice set of luggage. I’ve traveled thru several states and a few countries. I need to start researching and invest in a new set.

  13. Oh my goodness! What an awesome give away! My husband and I haven’t purchased luggage since our last big vacation, about 6 years ago. With three kids and tight finances, it never seems like the right time. Would love to win though. My family would love this whole package. Thanks for the opportunity to win! !

  14. I’ve always dreamed of going to Yellowstone. It’s on my bucket list. I would love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Deanne Patterson

    When packing make sure to take things in case of travel delays like books and things to keep the children entertained like etch a sketch and doodle pads. Beautiful luggage that I know would travel well with it’s ruggedness and plenty of room for our trip up north.

  16. Amazing luggage and don’t forget to pack the meds bug spray and heartburn meds that we all might need during the middle of the night.

  17. This luggage looks really nice! I’ve been entering daily for the trip! We’d love to go back to Yellowstone! We were there when dd was 18 months old – she’s now almost 8!

  18. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice

    Went to Yellowstone with my brother some years ago. I’d love to go again with my sisters this time. Thanks for the chance!

  19. I would love to win the luggage as I will be making lots of trips to London, England in the future for a wonderful reason.

  20. my family could definitely use a new luggage set, don’t remember when the last time I bought any … either way , we also have never been to Yellowstone National Park , so this would be a wonderful treat for all of us..

  21. I don’t own any luggage, I always have to borrow somebody’s suitcase and worry that it might get damaged. This luggage is so nice and wonderful,I would love to have it! The family trip to Yellowstone is so exciting,I have always wanted to go there and my husband absolutely loves the outdoors he would have a blast!

  22. When I traveled with my parents as a child, I’d pack for every contingency possible. Every time they thought they were ready to hit the road, I had go back to the house and get something else. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how traveling light is the key to an enjoyable traveling experience.

    One of my favorite ways to pack is carefully and tightly rolling my clothes instead of folding to them to create more space in my luggage, while staying organized. It also helps keep my clothes wrinkle free! :)

  23. Our luggage right now is a bit of a cobbled together non-matching mess! I would love to have a matching set of all quality stuff, but it may be awhile! Now Yellowstone we should do as soon as possible – so pretty!

  24. I need a nice suitcase, my handle actually doesnt come up anymore. Inconvenient! Lol. Yes, always leave room. That is my biggest mistake,always. Good to remember on a our trip to Disney soon.

  25. I swear you have to pack twice as much for an outdoor vacation! Especially when you have kids coming along! We love Yellowstone! What a fun giveaway!

  26. I also tend to overpack! It’s a huge pet peeve of my partner’s. My tip is to get a second opinion on what needs to be packed.

  27. I really like the look of this luggage. We are in the market for new luggage soon and I really want some that is lightweight and has wheels that move well.

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