4 New Ways to Save Money During Travel

Millions of people around the world look out for travel options that they can use to make their summer holiday experience even better. However, there are times when you are on a tight budget and traveling at such times can be a difficult situation. If you still want to travel you can definitely look out for options that can allow you to save more money during travel. Here you can take a quick look at four new ways to save money during travel so that you can travel more in the same limited budget.


New Ways to Save Money During Travel

Look for Cheaper Destinations – Always look out for countries where the currency rates are not that high so when you convert your currency you get more money so that you can use it when you are traveling. This is a better option because you can convert your dollars or pounds into currencies that are not going strong at the moment and when you go for foreign exchange you end up getting more money that you can use for travel.

Run Away from the Crowd – Always research on the new travel destinations that are highly popular for the year and make sure that you are not picking up those destinations. Try to look out for destinations that are not highly popular and where you can get cheaper options. There are many countries that are not doing well on the tourism charts and therefore you can pick them up and make sure that you get your travel plans at cheaper rates. Just be sure to check the current travel alerts. Some places aren’t doing well simply because they’re too dangerous for tourists!  By heading to a place off the beaten path, you can save money during travel and discover a fun new place!

Choose Off Season Period – One of the best ways to save money during travel is to go when it’s not so busy. Weekends and holidays are always packed with tourists and passengers and therefore flight expenses and accommodation rates can go up during that time. Always look out for off season time when most people are not going for tours and holidays because that will make it easier for you to get better hotels at cheaper rates and you also get flight tickets at affordable rates. For example, Disney World is extremely busy around the winter holidays, but becomes more affordable during January when they hit their low season. This allows you to save lot of money during travel that you can use for shopping while you are at your destination!

Street Shop – There are many destinations where street shopping is more popular than looking for branded clothes and items. If you are on a limited budget you can pick up clothes and items from many street shops and that will help you to bargain and get your items at lower prices rather than going for branded shops where you will be charged more and there are no chances of bargain at all. As a bonus, shopping at smaller street stores helps the local economy, as they are typically owned by independent business people rather than corporations. It’s always nice to help a smaller business!

Do you have any great tips on how to save money during travel? We’d love to heart them!


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  1. I agree with street shopping. It’s the unique, locally made items that make the best souvenirs. I went to a more touristy shop when we were in Mexico, and got home to find a “Made in China” tag on my scarf!! I was bummed!

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