Visit New Jersey for a Fun Family Travel Adventure #NJStrong

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I’ve lived next door to New Jersey pretty much my whole life. I’ve literally stood in two states at once in New Jersey! Seriously, we have this cute foot bridge near us that crosses the Delaware. At one spot, you can have one foot in New Jersey and one in PA. As you can imagine, being such close neighbors means I’ve spent a lot of time checking out all that the state has to offer.

The Jersey Shore was the first “real” beach I ever visited. There’s nothing like looking over the vast ocean to make you feel peaceful. Even during the cooler months, the beaches in New Jersey are a fun attraction. We spent a cool early spring day in Northern New Jersey. My boyfriend fished with his brother and the kids explored. My son loved gathering cool rocks and shells.


New Jersey: Going Strong

As a neighbor, I’m so happy to see the Jersey Shore is Going Strong after Sandy. I’m really looking forward to heading to the shore this summer for a day of fun in the sun. Of course, New Jersey isn’t just all ocean. Over the years, I’ve had a chance to explore an amazing aquarium, visit theme parks, go shopping at some of the best malls and camp in the pine forest (complete with some of the spookiest urban legends and ghost stories of all time!).


Honestly, there is just so much to do in New Jersey-and so much that I’ve done-that it would take a book to tell you all about it! Don’t take my word for it though. Why not discover New Jersey for yourself? Download a visitor’s guide on and start making your summer plans now. While you’re there, sign up for e-news to learn more about New Jersey’s activities and events. Trust me, there are a TON of events all year long, so you want to get that news!

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Have you ever been to New Jersey? What is your favorite place to visit? If you haven’t, what would you love to see?

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15 thoughts on “Visit New Jersey for a Fun Family Travel Adventure #NJStrong”

  1. Have never been to New Jersey, and honestly after seeing one episode of Jersey Shore I really didn’t want to ever. I guess I should give it a chance, there has to be more to the state than orange tans and steroids! 😉

  2. I think it is a great idea to pick up a guide before venturing off to a new place. I’m sure that would help to organize the trip and get to see more places in an amount of time when visiting. I hadn’t thought about Pennsylvania being as close as it is to you but now realize it is a next door neighbor so I can see how you could have one foot in one state while the other is in another.

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