Totally Turkey: Family Travel Adventures with Kids

Turkey is where east meets west and family travel adventures are waiting to be had. While many countries in the region are experiencing difficult times Turkey has remained relatively stable. Not yet a member of the Euro-zone, you will also find more reasonable prices here than in its European neighbors, making it ideal for family travel. 


Turkey for Family Travel: What to see?

Istanbul not Constantinople

The capital of Turkey, Istanbul is easily accessible with daily flights originating throughout the world. Turkish Air flies several direct routes from the United States to Istanbul. Tour the Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, palaces, mosques and ancient markets. Check the top 5 kids activities in Istanbul.

Caves of Cappadocia

Head further inland to experience Cappadocia. Underground caves, tunnels, homes and churches are common in this area. If you’re really adventurous you can bring or rent a tent and sleeping bags and camp in a cave. One of the most popular activities for family travelers is hot air ballooning and if you are going to try this once, Cappadocia is the place to do it. Gondola and jet boat rides are also a fun family travel adventure in Avanos.

Ride a Gulet

What’s a gulet? These are traditional wooden yachts that sail the Turquoise Coast. There are numerous custom gulet tours in Turkey that take into consideration your family needs and wants. Each boat is privately chartered by the owner and what you do and see depends on you! Stop off in small islands, explore the coast line, snorkel and swim in the clear waters – or let the kids pretend to be pirates!

Become an Artisan

Turkey still has a very strong heritage of handicrafts. From rug weaving to pottery throwing, paper marbling and wool dying there are numerous workshops and artisans all over the country that not only open up their workshops but offer classes and hands-on experiences for visitors. There are even farms where family travelers can stay and help work the property. Several can be found in Kurdish areas of Turkey where you can stay in homes or nomadic tents and help with daily tasks like caring for livestock, preparing meals, and helping out in other ways. Accommodations are shared. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, it also is a great way for children to get to know children from another part of the world and experience what their life is like.

There are countless other activities for family travelers,  like horseback or camel riding, hiking, biking and even white water rafting. Fancy taking in a camel wresting match? You can in Turkey! Scuba diving and snorkeling are plentiful along the coasts, and there are dozens of archeological sites scattered throughout the country.

No matter what age your children are they will be welcome in Turkey. The culture is very open and welcoming of children and no one will bat an eye if your little one is having a particularly rough day. Be sure to let any outfitters or companies you’ll be traveling with kids and let them know the ages of your children and ask them for any additional suggestions they might offer.

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