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Last week my son had a school trip to Ottawa, Canada’s capital. He was so looking forward to it. It’s not his first time visit to the capital. This time it was different, though, as he was with his school mates. The school planned fun things to do in the city. I was happy and nervous at the same time. My husband always says that I need to stop worrying. Everything will be fine

It was his first long trip away from home. Ottawa is only a 2-hour drive, but the school planned a 14-hour trip: The kids had to be at school around 7 am, and they got back at 9 pm. My son woke up at 5 am. He was afraid to miss the bus and all the fun things to do in Ottawa.

My son begged to have a camera to take pictures. I was not so sure about letting him take one, as I was afraid he would lose it. He always loses his lunch box at school, how can he handle a camera? My husband suggested he take it and he was right. He did not lose and took nice pictures.

 Let’s take a look at the fun things to do with kids in Ottawa

Upon arrival to Ottawa, the kids visited the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

This is one of the first cars built!



Inside a train

Then they went to the Splash Wave Tool. The kids had a blast playing in the wave pools! My son did not take pictures of the pool!

In the afternoon, they visited the Parliament. An official guide helped them understand the history of the Parliament and of Canada. My son was so excited to learn that the Parliament building burnt to the ground 4 times. It was interesting to learn that the Parliament Library was not affected! It had fire safe doors.

Canada’s Parliament



What I love most about Parliament is the Parliament hill. It has beautiful gardens and stunning views of the Rideau Canal Locks. During the month of May, Ottawa holds the annual Tulip Festival. It is one of my favorite things to do in this city.


Tulip Festival in Ottawa

You can’t go to Ottawa without paying a visit to the Rideau Falls. It is so impressive

Rideau Canal Waterway and locks.

My son enjoyed his trip and had fun with all the things to do in this city. I was so proud of him: he took nice pictures , learned a lot about Canada’s history during this trip and did not lose the camera. My husband was right: I need to stop worrying!

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