Get Back to Nature with Rustic Relaxation in Massachusetts! #XPloreMass

Massachusetts is the perfect destination for a rustic relaxation getaway! From working farms where you can pitch in to relaxing getaways surrounded by lush forests, you’ll get back to nature in no time! I have to admit, I could definitely use a little peace and relaxation right about now! Getting away from the hustle and bustle of my growing suburban area sounds divine right about now!



Three Great Rustic Relaxation Destinations in Massachusetts

Working Farm Vacation

Check out the cute animals at Stonehaven Farm in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts offers so many wonderful relaxing vacation locations, but I’m completely fascinated by the numerous working farm vacations that are available throughout the state. The awesome thing about these farm vacations are that you can do as much or as little as you want. Try your hand at milking a cow, go for the full experience and help muck out the stables, or just spend the days relaxing under a shady tree with a good book. Personally, I think if you’re going for the farm vacation experience, you should at least try to go all out just once. Go ahead and get your hands dirty! Dirt comes off, memories last forever!

If you want to go for the full experience, your best bet is probably Stonehaven Farm in Westport. It’s a small but diverse farm with plenty of animals to engage with. You can also help out in the gardens and orchards, picking vegetables and delicious fresh fruit!

A Relaxing Farm Day without the Farm Stay

Go pumpkin picking at Red Apple Farm.

If you want a farm experience without actually staying on the farm itself, visit Red Apple Farm! Go in the fall and you can pick some gorgeous pumpkins! If you’ll be in Massachusetts the weekend after US Labor Day, you’ll definitely want to head to Red Apple in Phillipston. They host a thrilling Appleseed Country Fair to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s work! During the rest of the year, other fun family activities include hay rides, checking out the cute animals, hiking the trails and joining in the weekend barbecues.

Just Plain Rustic and Relaxing

Enjoy rustic relaxation at the Red Lion Inn!

Perhaps you’re not really a farm girl at heart. Hey, that’s fine! Not everyone is made for farm work! Massachusetts has plenty of rustic relaxation for those who still prefer a bit more modern vacation experience. My personal favorite is the Red Lion Inn, located in Stockbridge. The Inn is simply stunning, with a variety of rooms and villas to fit all your family’s needs. The Guest Houses are spacious and perfect for when you want a little more privacy. I love the Meadowlark Suite  with it’s deck surrounded by a peaceful forest. The Yellow Cottage features a private garden and is close to the pool. You can even stay in a Firehouse!

What is your idea of the perfect rustic relaxation vacation? Whether it’s pitching in at a farm or relaxing in a private garden, you’ll find it in Massachusetts!


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Photo Credits: Sheep Photo from Stonehaven, all others

17 thoughts on “Get Back to Nature with Rustic Relaxation in Massachusetts! #XPloreMass”

  1. I feel like I’ve been somewhere very similar to this in Ohio! I love these old rustic places. I’d really love to spend a few days in a farm. I think I’d see life in a completely different light for sure!

  2. I think I would like staying in that relaxing hotel near a pool–maybe secluded in the yellow house on the outskirts. Like NY Massachusetts is a lot more then the hustle and bustle of big cities!

  3. I would actually love to go in the fall. The Johnny Appleseed County fair sounds like it would be something I would like to see. How neat that you can actually get away on a farm and actually participate on the farm as well.

  4. Oh, these are awesome ideas. I love Massachusetts so much & this idea would have never crossed my mind. I’m going to pin this on my Family Travel board, too. So glad I got to “meet” you today!

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