Family Friendly Spring Break Vacations In The US

Looking for family-friendly spring break destinations?  How about one of these great locations for your family vacations? Plan your getaway today!

Spring break family vacations are ones to look forward to!  It is such a nice break from the long winter, because let’s face it, even though it’s ‘spring break’, it can still feel much like winter in many parts of the US!  So where do you go to take your family on a nice vacation?  Below are some great suggestions for Spring break family vacations destinations in the US.

Family Vacations: Best Spring Break Destinations

Family Vacations during spring break

The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL:  A truly family-friendly resort!  There are so many activities planned to involve the entire family such as kickball games and Friday night bonfires.  They also boast a kids camp for 2 groups of ages, 3-5 and 6-12 which keep them busy with indoor such as arts and crafts with outdoor fun like sandcastle building.  Don’t worry about dinner time.  They will serve your children their meal with your apps so you can enjoy your dinner in leisure while your kids go and explore the Family Entertainment Center which is attached to the restaurant.  The 6,160 square foot center is staffed by 1 staffer for every 5 kids, so they are well supervised while enjoying train sets, blocks, tumbling mats, and even a small movie theater!  Oh and this resort sits on 140 acres of oceanfront and not to mention 5 pools. What could be better?  Check out availability and more at


Coronado Bay Resort & Spa, San Diego, CA: A seasonal kids’ camp all day, private screened babysitters, a baking class, family binger and heated pools?  Yes, all on one place.  This resort takes pride in it’s philosophy of kids being seen and heard.  Not to mention that kids under 5 eat free everywhere at the resort!  The kids will love this place from the start when they are given a gift bag filled with a beach ball, a toy (appropriate for their age), a scavenger hunt sheet and a special rubber bracelet that allows them free drinks for their stay!  Your kids will ask you to return next year.  Visit their website availability at


Club Med Sandpiper, Port St. Lucie, FL: Circus School for kids 4 and up?!  Yes, a Circus School, where your kids can learn how to walk on a tightrope and hang and fly from a trapeze.  Do I need to even give you any more information on this one of a kind resort?  This isn’t just a resort that will keep your school-aged child entertained.  They employ counselors trained to care for children as little as 4 months of age and offer late night group child care should you and your significant other want a late dinner.  Check availability and rates at


Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn, Orlando, FL: First of all, this resorts sits on 26 acres and is only 1 mile from Disney World.  There are plenty of breakfasts, meet-and-greets and interactive teas for the kids to meet some characters.  The resort boasts 2 FREE water parks (yes, free!) that include 7 slides a 400-gallon dump tank and a 4 story interactive water tower (I can only guess that means your kids get to dump some water on some unsuspecting bystanders!)  They don’t forget about the little ones, offering a sandy area and a shaded play area with a splash zone.  And don’t worry, lifeguards are on duty to help keep a watchful eye out.  They also schedule live shows for families to compete against each other in games.  Winning is so much more fun when you get to get slimed at the end! (the children, the adults can opt out!)  Visit their website for more information and schedules at

These are just a few of the many places that are perfect for family vacations.  When planning, just be sure they have things to keep the kids entertained as well as the adults.  

Where have you gone on family vacations over spring break before?  What are some places that you have gone that have advertised family friendly but maybe you didn’t feel they were?  Share your experiences below!

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