Camping in Sandbanks Provincial Park: Perfect Getaway For Reluctant Campers

camping-in-sandbanks-provincial-park And they did it: my friends dragged me to camping in Sandbanks. I mean it : they dragged me! They booked 2 nights of camping in this provincial park. They provided my family with a tent and some sleeping bags. All I had to do is pack my clothes, some easy camping meals and drive to Sandbanks.


I really was reluctant to go through the camping experience again. It’s not that I don’t like camping but it is not very comfortable and I hate bugs. But guess what: I LOVED the camping experience in Sandbanks Provincial park. I was with friends, the park is just amazing, the beach looks like a sea (not a lake).

Camping in Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks provincial park is a 4-hour drive from our home. So even If I did not like it, I could not get back home fast. My friends made sure I stayed and did not bail on the camping experience. As soon as you enter the park and get your camping permit, you are directed to your spot. All the camping spots are separated by trees so you don’t see your neighbor. This was a huge asset for me. I don’t like camping spots where the tents are almost glued to each other. It gave us a sense of privacy.

Tent Set Up: I was busy taking pictures.

As soon as my husband set up the tent (I was taking pictures while he was doing so), we went for a walk to the nearby beach. My daughter got to soak her feet in the water. The beach was small and nice. It was almost sunset so the view was stunning.

My Daughter Soaking Her Feet

There was this man sitting on this chair boat of some sort. Not sure what it’s called. Isn’t it funny?

Man on a Chair Boat?

Then we came back and had supper. I slept relatively well that night. There were some young people partying late so it was a bit uncomfortable but the kids slept like babies. The next morning, we had a nice breakfast. One of my favorite moments was eating with my friends. It was like a party all the time and it was so relaxing.

Relaxing on the beach

After breakfast.  we headed to the large beach. The park had a small private beach for campers and a large ones for any day visitors. The beach was so beautiful. It looks like the sea. It was large and beautiful. I did not dare to swim because the water was cold but the kids did not mind. They had fun playing. and I had fun chilling in the sun: I sat on my chair for 2 hours doing nothing, not even texting. The second night was less comfortable as there was a storm. I was totally scared that the tent would fall but luckily it did not.

Lake View

Amenities you’ll find camping in Sandbanks National Park

  • The park has clean bathrooms for the campers. That’s a huge asset.
  • Each camping spot had large dining tables. It could sit 8 people. It is nice for gathering with friends.
  • Each spot has a fireplace. You have to buy the wood
  • There is a convenience store where you can buy basic supplies like milk, ice, coffee, and a small dining restaurant.
  • Only campers can get inside the camp site. There are park officials who make sure of that.
  • You can rent pedal boats. We did not do it because we wanted to chill.
  • It has wi-fi too. I don’t know if it is an asset or downside. I could check my emails while I was there.


So will I go back camping in Sandbanks again or any other spot? Yes totally. I even bought a tent at Walmart.

How about you? Have you even been camping in Sandbanks?

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  1. I am to old to lay on the ground now so we bought an rv but we use to tent with our friends all the time and loved it! No wifi camping back then and we go to get away from it all so only use our phone to check in with family if we are gone for weeks or emergencies. Glad you tried it!!

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