Buick Enclave and Eastern Townships in Quebec, #Driveyourairmiles

Road trips are crucial in our family. They help us spend quality time together, unwind and discover new places! During the Victoria Day long weekend, we had the opportunity to visit the Eastern Townships in Quebec, drive a Buick Enclave and earn Air Miles! Buick and Air Miles partnered together to bring us this road trip! They have also partnered together to bring you an amazing contest where you can win 3,000 Air Miles!

 The 2013 Buick Enclave

The 2013 Buick Enclave is fully stocked with amazing features!

I picked up the 2013 Buick Enclave Friday afternoon. I didn’t expect it to be so spacious! It is a 7 seat car! Spacious cars are important for road trips. You don’t have to squeeze your luggage!

Here are my favorite features

– The side blind zone alert: It can help you avoid accidents!

– The navigation system and the radio. You will never get lost!

– The DVD for the kids. Very useful during road trips

-The cup holder in the back doors as well as the 2 separate seats for kids in the back!

-Last but not least: the ability to adjust the driving wheel! Since I am only 5’2, this is so convenient!

The trip

We saw so many gorgeous sites during on trip in the Buick Enclave to the Eastern Townships!

We hit the road on Sunday morning! I loved riding the Buick: smooth and comfortable! Since it is a holiday weekend, the highway was busy! But with the XM radio and the DVD playing in the back, we didn’t hear the dreaded words: Are we there yet?  The kids were comfortably seated.

We stopped for a snack break in the south shore of Montreal. It was beautiful sunny day. We enjoyed a delicious ice cream!

We made it to the Eastern Township in the afternoon. It was my first visit to the region! It is just beautiful and breathtaking: the combination of mountains, hills, green colors and wilderness makes it so unique. We should go back during the fall. The colors must be amazing!

We checked in the Delta Hotel Sherbrooke. The staff were friendly. I told them about the AIR MILES contest. They were proud to be part of this journey! The room was beautiful with 2 queen beds, a stunning view (it is on the 8th floor), a great bathroom and a pool. As soon as we unpacked, we went to the pool. It is a small pool but perfect for my 5 year-old who is still learning the ropes of swimming.

The Delta Hotel Sherbrooke was a beautiful hotel with a fantastic staff.

I had a hard time getting them out of the pool. But as soon as they heard we were eating at Boston Pizza, they jumped right out! They just love this restaurant! We had a great dinner and I earned Air Miles too. A win-win situation!

After a good night’s sleep and a great breakfast, we decided to go on a hike in one of the largest parks in the area: Parc Du Mont-Bellevue But before climbing the mountain, we stopped at Jean Coutu for snacks. Jean Coutu is another Air Miles partner! Another win-win situation for me!

The park is also a ski station and we climbed to the top! My 5 year-old did great! I think she was in better shape than I was! Then we went to the Lake where we rented a boat. While the boys were riding, the girls were chilling!

What a great place to stay and relax. I highly recommend the Eastern Townships and Sherbrooke.

During the ride back home, my husband tried the Buick Enclave. He already has an SUV and he wanted to compare it to the Enclave!! He loved the ride: smooth, lots of features and comfortable!

Thank you Buick and AirMiles for this personalized road trip. We had a great time! Don’t forget to enter the contest for a chance to win 3,000 miles.


Disclosure: this post is brought to you by Buick and Air Miles.


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  1. Love the Eastern Townships. My mom is from there and we visit often. Would love to tour in style and comfort though like you did in that Buick!

  2. You make me want to fly our family out to the East and take that Eastern Township Roadtrip! How fun! Never been in a Buick Enclave, let alone, taken one out for a test drive. Loving the space for the luggage (HUGE plus), and of course the built-in DVD entertainment. Little Mama would be happy as a clam I’m sure!

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