Top 5 Safest Family Cars

Cars have to be able to get us from one place to another as safely as possible and few people have more journeys to make than parents of young children. Whether you are on the hectic, daily school run, collecting them from a visit to a friend’s house, dropping them in town or driving them to and from their ever expanding list of after school activities; you need a vehicle that you know you can rely on. So while some parents want cars with varying different features; be it a great look, a spacious interior or good fuel economy; they all want one that will keep their family safe. Here is a list of what may well be the five safest cars that are available on the market right now.

The 5 Safest Family Cars

5. Volvo V40

As an overall brand, Volvo is known for producing high quality, durable cars. This particular model achieved a five star safety rating with Euro NCAP – an independent safety assessment organization – who also gave the car a score of 75% for child protection. Since this car comes in a number of different versions with various specifications and features available, the price can vary quite a bit, making it suit a number of different budgets and therefore a number of different families.

4. Ford B-MAX

Ford cars are known globally for their reliable nature and this model is no exception to that rule. With a child protection score of 84% and a five star rating from Euro NCAP, this five-door car is not only very safe but it looks good and handles well; a great multi-purpose vehicle to suit all the family.

3. Ford Transit Custom

This is a hugely spacious car; ideal for those with a large or soon to be larger family or if you are the parent who is often lumbered with carpool duties for the local children. With a five star Euro NCAP rating and a very impressive score of 90% for child protection, this is another great option from the trustworthy Ford brand, providing a safe and comfortable ride.

2. Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer won the award for ‘Top Safety Pick’ of 2010 from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; having performed very well throughout their vigorous testing program. What is more, the Mitsubishi brand actively advocates child safety by supporting the Kids Safety First campaign; which promotes the proper use of child safety seats in cars. They even run schemes in America where drivers can drop in and have their child seats examined to make sure they are properly fitted, with any unsafe or broken seats replaced by a new one completely free of charge. With a manufacturer so in favor of promoting safety, families can rely on many of the Mitsubishi brand’s cars to protect their children.

1. Renault Clio

The Renault Clio may be small but scored a very solid 89% for its child protection and won a five star rating from Euro NCAP. In addition to that, it was named by them as one of the overall safest cars of 2012. Perhaps best of all, it comes in cheaper than many other new and recent cars on the market and is exempt from road tax; making it very affordable for families looking for a safe, reliable car. Plus, as a handy added bonus, it even looks great too.

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  1. I didn’t realize Ford had several of the safest cars. We have a Mazda and I always though it rated highly. Thanks for sharing!

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