Where to Shop for a Used Car to Get the Best Deal

Looking for a great deal on a used car? Check out the best places to shop for a great deal on a used car that won’t turn out to be a lemon! This post is brought to you by Localmart.


The situation in the US used car market is now more promising than ever before, as there has been a steady growth in the number of car sales in the past year. The sharp increase in prices for new automobiles accounts for this growing trend. These high prices in turn led to a large-scale interest in used vehicles. If there is a demand, there is also always a supply, so consumers are currently provided with a great selection of used motors everywhere they look. If you are considering a used auto, you have plenty of opportunities to search for one.

Best places to shop for a used car

If you are looking for the best car for your money, choose a CPO vehicle (CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned). This category of cars is widely available nowadays. They are certified pre-owned vehicles which were inspected, upgraded and certified by a manufacturer. In addition, these usually come with an extended warranty so the potential buyer can be confident about the condition of the vehicle. The CPO cars might be slightly more expensive than non-certified cars, but taking into account all the benefits the new owner gets, they are good value for money. This type of vehicle has already gained popularity and can easily be found online with any car dealer.

Superstores are another marketplace allocating plenty of pre-owned cars. Their services are generally at hand for a vast variety of regions. Potential buyers can search for cars by type, model, make, price and features. They can also narrow down their choices to the deals available in their particular location. Often, these superstores provide the purchasers with a warranty, a money-back guarantee, and service plans.

Auctions, especially those held by the government, are common venues to find a bargain. Here seized, surplus or forfeited cars are commonly traded off at appealing prices as it’s more beneficial to sell them quickly than to store them. Such vehicles can also be found online at govsales.com, where they are sorted by make, model, age, location and the auction’s closing time. The only caveat here is that these vehicles typically require cash payment in full, as no additional financing is offered for this situation. Additional payment options are personal or company checks, money orders, traveler’s checks or a bank cashier’s check.


Private sales remain the most common way to purchase a used car. Classified ads in USA, which are abundant on the Internet, attribute to the increase in the number of private deals and enable any trader to reach out to a large consumer spectrum. On the plus side, the vehicles sold in this way are normally rather affordable. On the downside, these cars require a professional inspection by a qualified mechanic to avoid getting a lemon. The checking should be done in order to ensure that the current owner has set a fair price. Also, the buyers should be aware of scams and be cautious with the potential dealers. It’s a good idea not to disclose one’s home address and to arrange test-drives in public locations. Also, avoid the sellers when being asked to bring cash to a test-drive.

Whatever marketplace you eventually decide on, try to be careful and do research beforehand to protect your interests and avoid misunderstandings or fraud.

Have you bought a used car? Do you have any great tips to help make it easier?

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