SmartSilk: Best Pillow for Allergy Sufferers

The Best Pillow for Allergies

Allergy sufferers: Are always looking for the best pillow for your restless nights? SmartSilk has you covered! SmartSilk  is certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the Asthma Society of Canada. Goodbye sleepless nights and welcome to a comfortable relaxing night sleep!

I am speaking by experience and my daughter’s too. We had the opportunity to test two queen size SmartSilk pillows! I put one in my daughter’s room and took one for the purpose of the review!

First let me introduce you to SmartSilk and to the pillow

SmartSilk Pillow Features

smart silk best pillow for allergy

  • All natural polyester micro fiber filling
  • All natural silk fill liner: which makes it very soft
  • Moisture-wicking properties: perfect for night sweats! (I didn’t have the chance to try it as it is still cold but I will update during the summer)
  • Water repellent non-woven material.

My review of the Smart Silk: Best pillow for allergy sufferers

The pillow is very soft. I usually don’t like soft pillows because it feels like my head bumps into the mattress but I love this one. When I lay down, it is the best feeling ever: as if my head touches the sky, or as if I am sleeping on the beach: I feel relaxed! It is a very comfortable pillow. I also like that your head doesn’t leave a dent in the pillow so I don’t have to toss it to make it even!

My daughter is also excited about her pillow. I noticed that she slept better at night! She has allergy problems and snores during her sleep! Although her snoring didn’t go, it was less! She was breathing better! She sleeps so  comfortably that I have hard time waking her up!

One of the best things about this pillow is that it acts as a natural barrier and repellent to mites! 

Buy it: Purchase a SmartSilk pillow in a variety of sizes from the SmartSilk website.

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Enter to win the Best Pillow

One winner will receive two standard size pillows from SmartSilk! This contest is open to residents of both Canada and the US. Ends 03/26

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Disclosure: Our Family World was provided with samples to help facilitate this review. Our opinions are our own.

177 thoughts on “SmartSilk: Best Pillow for Allergy Sufferers”

  1. What is it that repels the dust mites naturally? Have tried lots of different stuff my whole life since I have asthma and allergies this would be amazing if it works.

  2. I would also like the mattress pad. I have 2 that I rotate, but I still get all stuffed up as soon as I go to bed

  3. Nicole Mitchell

    I would love to get the complete bed set! My husband has really bad allergies and since we lost our house and everything it would be a blessing to win this!

  4. Amanda Williams

    I want the comforter. I wash mine daily because of my allergies and would love one that has less upkeep and would keep me from sneezing all of the time!

    <3 that they Shield your pillows from allergens, dust mites, and pet dander

  6. i need a new pillow – when u have a really good one, you can sleep anywhere, i always take it on vaca with me

  7. I would like the comforter and the pillows. I am so allergic to everything and typically have to switch and spend money it would be nice to try these

  8. I love that these pillows will help me get a better, more restful sleep…something I need with a 6-month old!

    1. Id love to try this pillow, Im always buying pillows thinking they will be soft enough but arent when I try to sleep on them.

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