Kiss Frequent Drain Clogs Goodbye with Liquid-Plumr

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Clogged drains are a fact of life in my house. I know that just about everyone deals with them at one point or another, but I feel like we constantly have at least one drain that needs unclogging. Maybe it’s because I have way too much hair. It’s long and thick, and I think I shed more than my cats do! It could also be that my son often dumps things down the drain that probably shouldn’t be there, like the remnants of his breakfast. Perhaps it’s the fact that my cats have a tendency to throw random things in the sink when we’re not looking. It’s big fun for them, not so much for me.

Save Time & Money Unclogging Drains with Liquid-Plumr

Whatever the reason behind my frequently clogged drains, I always turn to one source first to clear them up: Liquid-Plumr. It’s gotten us out of some very hairy situations (pun intended!). For example, our kitchen sink clogged up right before a massive family party. My mom was on a baking spree and I’m sure some of her ingredients made their way down the drain. The clog was so bad that we had to rinse our dishes outside until we could get it resolved (or dissolved, as the case was). We tried a few different products to unclog it and my mom plunged until her arms were sore. In the end, it was a combination of Liquid-Plumr Industrial Strength and a tiny plastic drain snake that I found in the grocery store.


Since that event, I’ve kept Liquid-Plumr on hand to deal with my numerous clogs. I also decided it was time to upgrade from my tiny plastic snake (which could only reach so far) to a bigger drain auger. When the opportunity arose to check out one of Butler Home Product’s Liquid-Plumr products, I decided to go with their Liquid-Plumr 1/4-in x 20-ft Flat Rod Drain Auger from It’s definitely a big step up from my little plastic snake! With 20 feet to work with, I can use it to get to clogs deep down in my pipes. The little swirly thing on the end (I’m sure it has a fancy name!) helps catch the things that shouldn’t be in your drains and pull them up & out.


The Drain Auger is fairly easy to use. After you clear any obstructions that you can easily see just pull the rod out a bit to start, then feed it into your drain until you feel the clog. Make sure you wear heavy-duty rubber gloves, though, especially if you started the process with Liquid-Plumr or any other drain unclogging liquids. You might also want to wear a surgical mask in case of backsplash.


I have been living with a massive clog in one of my showers for a few months now. I planned to use my Drain Auger to deal with that, but first I have to figure out how to remove the drain cover. It’s kind of stuck. Once I get that out of the way, I’m really looking forward to using my Drain Auger to get my second shower back in action! Well, not looking forward to it in the “yay, it’s a party” way, but seriously, do you know how much of a pain it is to have only one shower for four people? Not fun, my friends, not fun at all.

Get all Your Drain Unclogging Needs at

Did you know you can find pretty much all your Liquid-Plumr needs on while you’re shopping for other things for your home? Since we have a Lowes relatively nearby, it’s easy for me to order online and go pick up at the store. That’s a major convenience when I’m constantly on a tight time schedule. Clogs are one of those things that just kind of pop up when you least expect them (and when they’re most likely to interfere with your life!), so anything that saves time is a big help. Of course, you can also order online and have it shipped so you have it on hand in case of an emergency!

I’ll be honest with you, there are going to be times when you’ll need to call in a professional. We’ve had to do it once or twice. For most clogs, though, we’ve had great luck with Liquid-Plumr! It has definitely helped us save both time and money!

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32 thoughts on “Kiss Frequent Drain Clogs Goodbye with Liquid-Plumr”

  1. Thank you for sharing!
    Some drain cleaners cause corrosion of pipes by being used several times in a row. Is this one safe enough?

  2. I’ve just bought this product and am struggling with it; maybe you can advise? The darned thing won’t unspool! Tug as I might, I can’t pull the snake out from the red case, not even a centimeter. Is there some trick I’m missing that you might know about?

  3. Something what I need to have in my house! looks like it can help to solve my problems with bathroom pipes

  4. Adventurous Travels

    This is so cool! I’ve had problems wit clogged drains and once the whole kitchen was flooded. Don’t even want to remember that – I spent all trying to clean the mess up…

  5. I swear I needed this two weeks ago. I had a really stubborn bathtub drain that wouldnt go down for weeks. I tried everything like even the home methods like baking soda and vinegar didnt work. I probably should stock up on this just in case this happens again.

  6. I love this stuff – my kids and I all have lots of hair, very long, and my teen’s hair is curly! Lots of clogs for us, but Liquid Plumr helps a ton. We have one of those plastic things too – so gross, what it pulls up!

  7. Jeanine @

    We use this often! We are forever getting drain clogs in our house, especially in the bathroom because my hair falls out constantly! This stuff is great!

  8. I am an apartment dweller and Liquid Plummer is a lifesaver, my landlord is a bit of a slumlord and the super is never anywhere to be found so often times ‘repairs’ and ‘maintenance’ fall on me more often than I would like so products that make that simple, or actually prevent and stay ahead of problems are a life and time saver for me!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  9. I have really long hair, and it is always clogging our drains. We have got to try this out. I think it would really help us save on drain cleaner.

  10. I need to grab one of these Liquid Plumr Snakes to keep on hand because we occasionally will need something to unclog the drain. Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are so much better on your sinks and pipes than the liquid stuff. We just used one of these a couple weeks ago!

  12. Having two tween daughters means a lot of hair going down drains. It would be smart for us to keep a bottle of this on hand at all times!

  13. I need to get this for my girl’s bathroom. For some reason, they get clogs in there every other week. This would really help clear them out faster!

  14. My husband just had to unclog our sink the hard way. This would have come in handy!! I might get one to have on stand by.

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