Rubbermaid All Access Organizers Make Storage a Breeze!

Every home need organizers and bins! Be it for winter clothes, kids toys, books, shoes! It is a must to keep your items well kept and your home tidy!


Each year, during Victoria’s Day weekend, I switch the winter clothes to my organizers and put the summer clothes in the drawers! It can be a messy process because it is hard to have a clear organizer that allows you to see and access what is stored inside. I usually add labels to the organizers. It helps a bit but nothing replaces a clear view and access! I  had such great luck organizing my closet with Rubbermaid’s organizers, so I was excited to try out the Rubbermaid All Access Organizers!

All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid

Thanks to Rubbermaid All Access Organizers, I will no longer run into the problem of labeling or trying to remember what is in each bin!  Why?? I can see what it is inside!! The front panel is see-through! That’s a major addition. Plus, I can open it from the front or the top. If I need to grab something,  I just open the lid and check it out!  


The bins are also easily stacked to make the most out of the space that you have. Check out how nicely they stack in the small area between two doors!


Even for a petite person like me, I can open the top lid of the bin to check what it is stored inside! Isn’t that great to save space, time and keep your house well organized!

The Rubbermaid All Access Organizers are available in three sizes:

  • Small – MSRP: $14.99  19.5” L x 17.5” W x 11.6” H: I would definitely get it  for my princess room for her little toys
  • Medium – MSRP: $16.99  19.5” L x 17.5” W x 15.1” H: This is what I tested!
  • Large – MSRP: $19.99  22” L x 17.5” W x 15.1” H: this will be handy for my husband garage! It is quite upside down! Literally!!

What did I store in those bins?? Plush toys and clothes!! My daughter is a huge collector of plush toys! They were all spread around the house and it was annoying me! Now they are nicely stored in the bin! She can even open the front lid and take whatever she wants!  We put the organizer in the family room so she can access it easily.


I stored my son’s winter clothes and mine! It is the perfect organizer for that! It is deep and wide enough to keep the clothes nice and tidy! We stored the 2 other organizer in my closet! It was perfect for that.

Where you can get them: Available at Walmart,  The Home Depot and Amazon.


Enter below for a chance to win a 4-pack of medium Rubbermaid All Access Organizers! Giveaway is open to Canadian residents age 18+, void where prohibited. It ends on July 9th, 2012.
Giveaway ended. Congrats to Joanna K.

We received the above mentioned products in exchange for an honest review. Our opinions are our own.

183 thoughts on “Rubbermaid All Access Organizers Make Storage a Breeze!”

  1. I love the assortment of plastic storage containers with easy find lids. I have 2 sets and they are great for the fridge and freezer.

  2. My favourite Rubbermaid products are a shower caddy and a little storage cart on casters, neither of which seems to be available anymore. I also have some of their storage bins and kitchen food storage containers, which I also like a lot.

    1. Daily Woman (Lacey)

      You can delete my entry unfortunately I do not live in Canada, I would love to win some of these. :(

  3. Glass with Easy Find Lids – I had no idea Rubbermaid had glass containers – and they can go in the oven!

  4. These would be fabulous to help me organize my sewing room once and for all. Would keep things dust free and visible.

  5. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a 4-pack of medium Rubbermaid All Access Organizers.
    In response to your question of Which Rubbermaid product is your favorite?
    My favorite Rubbermaid product is The Premium Modular Canisters.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m a fan of the Rubbermaid reusable totes. I trust packing my things in them, rather than boxes. No bugs, leaks, or damage!

  7. The 75 Qt DuraChill™ Wheeled 6-Day Cooler looks amazing – so much storage space and i love that it has wheels.

  8. Crystal Englot

    I would say that these will be my favorite, but right now I love my glass food storage with easy find lids

  9. These are awesome bins and can create a well organized space even in small rooms with little space available.

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