5 Bedroom Decor Ideas Your Teen Daughter Will Love

Looking for fabulous ways to redo your teenage girl's bedroom? Check out these five teen home decor ideas we found to help you get started.

Thinking about redoing your teenage girl’s bedroom? Check out these 5 ideas that she’ll love! Bedroom decor is a big decision! Your daughter’s room is transforming from the little girl theme you had picked out for her to something that shows she is growing up. Something that really reflects her unique personality. Redoing her room together is a great way to bond and give her a bit more independence. Check out these 5 rooms that she’ll adore!

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5 Fabulous Ideas for Your Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Giant Chevron Walls

Giant chevrons are all the rage right now! White and light gray are my fave when it comes to color schemes. Your accent colors come from everything else in the room. You can change the theme of the room many times when you use these colors. Check out how they did this giant chevron wall:

Colorful Rooms

Who doesn’t love color? It brightens up any room! Get away from boring old white walls and go with a vibrant purple theme. Or maybe green and pink is more your style? Think about painting your walls a light shade of green, then using pink accents to make it pop. My absolute favorite idea of all time might just be black and white with a bold color wall. So classic looking! See all of the different room designs here, or check out the ideas in this video (I wish MY room was this big!):

The Loft Bed

Talk about maximizing space! A loft bed with a desk area beneath is great if you have a small space. Even if you don’t have to maximize on space, it’s a super cute way for your daughter to have space to do her school work and dream of big things. Besides, who didn’t always want to choose the top bunk? I love the way Cottage In the Oaks did it! If you have a bigger budget, you can actually build a loft into your teen girl’s bedroom. Check this out, isn’t it stunning?


String of Lights

As a teen, I always loved having white Christmas lights in my room. What a cute way to display her favorite photos! The soft light from the lights is a nice way to wind down after a busy day at school. Check out how they display them here:

Soft Colors

Bold not your thing? No big deal, you can still incorporate beautiful colors. Go with soft-colored walls, then liven it up brighter shades. I’m partial to  coral and teal accents. If I can’t have black and white, then they are my number 2 picks for accents in a room.


I have a problem with always wanting to redesign a room. I am pretty sure I change my living room and bedroom around at least a few times a year! Checking out these rooms makes me want to get on the ball and redecorate my daughter’s bedroom! The bottom line is, there is a great idea for everyone. Whether it is bold or soft, your sure to find a fabulous teenage girl’s bedroom idea that she’ll adore!

Have a great idea for a teenage girl’s bedroom? Share with us in the comment section below!

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  1. I love all of these ideas. My teen is always asking for a remodel. It’s hard b/c she shares with her little sister

  2. These are all wonderful ideas! We just redid our tween’s bedroom and she actually picked a very similar color to the one you have featured in that last photo. She does love a colorful room!

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