Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas Under $10 from Dollar General

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to finding teacher appreciation gift ideas, I have to admit that I’m usually not all that creative. I have grand ideas of whipping up something amazing, but when it comes time to shop for supplies, I get overwhelmed. Then I give a gift card and call it a day.


This year, I really wanted to do something that makes me stand out in a good way! I kind of fought with my son’s teachers about a lot of things this year, and I don’t want to be remembered as “that mom!” His teachers do work hard and they deserve something nice for a great end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gift.

I scoured the internet for cute ideas, but then decided to just head to my local Dollar General and wing it from there. I walked around the store looking for inspiration. At first I was thinking of going with a Summer Survival theme. I was going to fill a basket with things like sunscreen, flip flops, beach towels and so on. While this is a great idea, I realized that I didn’t know shoe sizes for the flip flops.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Thank you for Sowing the Seeds of Knowledge

As I was browsing, I came across a rack filled with seed packets. Best part? Those seed packets were all either 2 for $1 or 4 for $1! Inspiration struck. Teachers sow the seeds of knowledge in our kids, right? So wouldn’t it be nice if they could sow the seeds of their own beautiful flowers at home?


Before grabbing some pretty flower seeds, I headed over to the gardening section to make sure they had the supplies I needed to pull the idea together. I found so many cute little flower pots, all for a great price! It took me ten minutes to decide on the one I picked. I also grabbed some gardening gloves and little tools. Voila! An original teacher gift was made!


To recap, supplies for this easy teacher appreciation gift include:

  • Seeds- I went with flowers, but you can do vegetables or herbs too.
  • A cute flower pot- you want it to be big enough to fit the items, but not so big that they get lost in it.
  • Gardening gloves
  • Gardening tools- be mindful of what your child is allowed to bring to school. I went with sturdy plastic tools.

Put all of the other items together in the flower pot and you’re done!

I wanted to add a personal touch to it, so I came up with this cute printable that your child can color. It’s large enough to print on nice cardstock with a personal note, or you can scale it down and add it as a gift tag.


Dollar General is the perfect place for your  teacher appreciation gift crafting supplies

As I was browsing around for this teacher appreciation gift idea, I realized that Dollar General has so many other items that make crafting easier. They have an entire aisle of school and office supplies, including tape with cool patterns. That gave me ideas for future projects. It was fun browsing around looking for inspiration. While they’re perfect for when you have an exact craft in mind, Dollar General is also fantastic for inspiring you to come up with new craft ideas.

What do you do for teacher appreciation gifts? Have you shopped at Dollar General for your supplies before?

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  1. I just love this idea! And I’m sure any teacher would love to get such a lovely gift. I would expect that it would be a relief from baked goods

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