5 Incredibly Stylish Storage Solutions for Clutter Control


I’ve been on the hunt for stylish storage solutions for clutter control. You know how most people do spring cleaning? Well, I tend to be more of a summer organizer. It typically begins with a search for something that I’ve misplaced. This summer, it was a $50 check! I went nuts looking for it, all the while berating myself for letting my clutter reach critical mass yet again. Then I go searching for storage solutions and embark on a clutter control journey.

The thing is, while storage bins have their place in closets, garages, and so on, I need clutter control throughout the whole house. A bin doesn’t exactly go with my living room decor! I think clutter control should be stylish, don’t you? It would definitely make me want to stay more organized! So in an effort to help both of us (multitasking at its finest!), I’ve rounded up 5 stylish storage solutions for clutter control. Take a look!

5 Stylish Storage Solutions for Clutter Control

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One major tip before I share my favorite clutter control storage solutions: you kind of have to think outside the box (or bin, ha ha, get it?). Like, I’ve seen some gorgeous storage solutions that are designed for the nursery, but would also work in, say, your office. Just because it’s in a particular section of the store doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere.

Serving Trays for Corralling Remotes or Gadgets


Digging around in sofa cushions for missing remotes is no fun, especially when all you want to do is relax with a binge marathon of your favorite show. You could buy a boring remote caddy,  but how often do those match your decor? I like the idea of using serving trays, like that pretty Black Orchid tray above, to corral them instead! You can find them in just about every color and pattern. Here’s a tip: check your local party store for a wider variety of styles!

Personalized Lunch Boxes for Family Catch-alls


You know all those random objects that your family collects that end up in a junk drawer somewhere? I’m talking that bouncy ball from the bubble gum machine, stickers from a birthday party, and so on. Rather than tossing everything into a drawer where it’s never seen again, use cute personalized lunch boxes! Each member of the family gets one (yes, even you!). When the box is full, it’s time to go through and get rid of things that aren’t being used.

Family “Go” Bags


Tote bags aren’t just great for carrying groceries and trip items, they also make perfect “go” bags. What’s a “go” bag? Well, if you watch crime shows, you know that they’re bags that can be grabbed in a moment’s notice for a cross-country trip to hunt serial killers. We’re not exactly hunting down bag guys here, but we do have a few regular trips that we take! For example, a trip to the pool.

Rather than hunting down all your sunscreen, towels, etc before each trip, keep a “go” bag filled with those items. Just replace wet towels with dry ones when you get home. Keep the bag in your closet so you can grab it on your way out the door. I love these  Maggie Bags Recycled Seatbelt Campus Tote Bags from the Ultimate Green Store, but any stylish tote will work!

Beautiful Baskets

Baskets are one of the most popular storage solutions for good reason: you can put pretty much anything in them. From clothes to toys to magazines, they’re a great way to conceal clutter. Land of Nod has tons of stylish baskets in all sizes, included these pretty Blue Zig Zag Baskets. I like getting them in different sizes and stacking them. It’s also a good idea to get different colors and styles that complement each other. That way, you don’t have a stack of single designs, but rather a fun eclectic look.

The Diverse Trunk


When I was first married, I used a trunk as both storage and a coffee table. It wasn’t a fancy one, just a plain black one found in the back to school section of my local mass retailer. You don’t have to be a broke newlywed to appreciate the simplicity of a trunk, though! You also don’t have to go with a boring cheap option either. There are so many different styles out there to choose from. I love the fun look of the World Stamp Suitcases above, although they are a little too small to double as a coffee table. Maybe a side table when stacked? You can go with something larger, more ornate or simpler. Or get a plain wood one and refinish it yourself to totally incorporate your own tastes!

The great thing about these stylish storage solutions to control clutter is that you can customize them based on your tastes and home decor. I showed off a few that I really love, but if, say, butterflies and chevron stripes aren’t your thing, you can go with another style. The idea is to think outside the boring plastic bins and use items that inspire you to, well, use them! Need some ideas for your kids’ rooms? Check out our storage items for kids!

What is your favorite stylish storage solution to control clutter?

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  1. can never have too much storage. I like your ottoman and decorative box ideas, I just usually buy a rubber maid tote and put thing in that

  2. I love trunks! After my mom died I found 3 in her garage that were my great great aunt’s and I brought them home to use as storage!


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