Gorgeous Pottery Barn Inspired Decor For Your Bedroom On A Budget

Update your fall and winter home bedroom decor with out Pottery Barn inspired look. Your wallet will thank you with our budget friendly picks!
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Right now I am completely re-evaluating the style of my bedroom since we are moving.  This is not a tiny move, we are moving over 11hours away. When you are packing everything you own, it makes you seriously re-evaluate the whole room pretty quickly. Suddenly you notice the comforter set has gotten a little shabby. I already know some of the fragile pieces will likely not make it in one piece. I want to give my room a more luxurious decor look for fall and winter.

I have been looking at some really beautiful looks for my bedroom at Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn has gorgeous pieces, but I  have to be very budget conscious. Using my powers for good, I have found a few ways to save some cash with a very similar look. Here is my inspiration:

7.31 Pottery Barn Bedroom for Less ORIGINAL



Bed Set

Duvet Bedding Fall Decor


The quickest way to change the entire look of your bedroom is to pick up a new bed set. If your furniture already works with this look, then the bed set can change your decor for fall and winter easily. Duvets are a super easy way to change up the look fast without having to sacrifice your favorite cozy comforter. I love the modern feel that this deep teal and gray give your bedroom. The covers themselves look luxuriously thick, perfect to sink down into after a long stressful day. Everything about these sets just says “relax and unwind.” Add a matching light throw blanket to make your bed even cozier.

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furniture collage

The bedframe I have will not survive our move in one piece. I have always wanted a canopy style bed, and this sleek and dark version from Target is exactly what I have been eyeing at Pottery Barn.The matching side table is an essential for a place to put your glasses or charge your phone. I like that this table has a drawer so I can hide little items and keep the top of my side table tidy. Take a look at the price difference on this table. You are getting a steal at Target for the same look. The club chair is a great accent to this look, and also the perfect place to lay your clothes as you are picking out your outfit.


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So since we went with a jewel toned comforter and dark furniture for fall and winter, your lamp should play off the color. You could pick up the expensive Pottery Barn lamp, or you could pick up this beautiful glass lamp from Amazon. The shiny silver and nickel accents that dark teal and brings out the color even more for a polished look. I think I like this lamp from Amazon more than the pottery barn version. I have also added in a neutral rug to round out your look from Target.

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So there we have it, a beautiful new look for my bedroom. This look has the same essence of a much more expensive fall decor look. With some smart substitutions, this look is much more budget friendly.

Do you love this bedroom look? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  1. Pottery Barn has some magnificent items-but the prices are pretty high also. You really did a great job finding pieces that mimic those found at Pottery Barn for a lot less money.

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