What is the Best Way To Keep Your Greens Longer?


Trying to keep your greens and herbs as fresh and long as possible can be tricky.  Nothing is worse than purchasing these fragile greens and a day later not being able to use them.  Not all greens are created equal.  Just like fruits, different greens need to be cared for and stored differently to be sure they stay fresher longer.  Below are some tips on the best way to keep your greens longer.

Best Ways to Keep Your Greens Longer

Do Not Wash: This may sound weird, but avoid washing your greens right away.  Washing will weigh down the greens and cause them to wilt sooner.  Wait to wash until you are ready to use them.  They will last longer!  You also want to make sure they are dry before using them.

Not all herbs are created equal:  Just as fruit needs to be stored differently, herbs are the same way.  Here are some different herbs and what their specific needs are to keep them fresher longer.

  • Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley: Treat these herbs like a bouquet of nice flowers; cut the ends and place in a cup or small vase with room temp water.  You only need about an inch of water to keep them fresh.  This will keep your herbs fresh for up to a week.  Do not make the mistake of placing these herbs in the fridge, the leaves will wilt and turn black.
  • Chives, Rosemary, and Thyme: Treat these herbs a little more delicately.  They store best on the door of the fridge, as it is the warmest part.  Also, wrap them in plastic wrap, however do this loosely.  Wrapping them tightly will cause mold to grow faster, as you will be trapping the moisture.  A trick you can try to keep moisture away is keeping a paper towel wrapped with the herbs as well.  It will help soak up the moisture, keeping these herbs fresher longer.

Lettuce: Nothing is worse than when you are planning to make a salad or add some crunchy lettuce to your sandwich and you open the fridge to find the lettuce you had just bought a couple days before is turning brown and wilting.  The best way to avoid this is to wrap your fresh lettuce in a paper towel and then a plastic bag.  Each time you use the lettuce, rewrap in the paper towel and return it to the plastic bag for the next time.  You will be amazed at how long your iceberg will last!

Looking for a yummy recipe to go along with all those fresh greens? Try our Cottage Cheese Asian Salad Recipe!


Try these few tips, and you will find you are able to keep your greens longer!  No more wasting money and time.

Have you tried out these tips before?  Have they worked for you?  Maybe you have tried something else, if so, share with us how you keep your greens longer!



6 thoughts on “What is the Best Way To Keep Your Greens Longer?”

  1. Herbs I’ve been pretty good at maintaining, and using while they are at their best. I’ll have to remember the paper towel for my lettuce, thanks for sharing!

  2. I was just wondering about this very topic the other day. It always seems that one of my greens has gone bad. It drives me crazy! Thank you for sharing. I also pinned this post for my own info.

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