11 Ideas To Organize With Dollar Store Items Now

Make your house tidy and clean with our ideas to organize with dollar store items. You won't want to miss these hacks and tricks!The dollar store should be your starting place when you are organizing your house.  It’s a great way to try a new organization system before buying fancy bins, or just to make thing tidy quickly. If you are not already popping by, you need to plan a trip to the dollar store stat to make your life easier and your home tidier. Check out all these great organization hacks I found.

11 Ideas To Organize With Dollar Store Items Now

Organize Your Fridge With Baskets

Via thedomesticgeekblog.com

Plastic baskets from the dollar store are perfect for grouping items in your fridge help you keep things neat and tidy. This is super handy for lunchbox items for the kids, weekly meal planning, or just to keep all those pesky salad dressing and half open sauces together.

Keep Your Favorite Jewelry Sitting Pretty

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A few candlesticks and pretty plates from the dollar store help you to clear off that bathroom sink. Stow your favorite bracelets, perfume, headbands and other small accessories off the counter and looking pretty.

Keep Your Stairs Organized

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The stairs are a junk dropping zone in our house. Keep things tidy with a dollar store basket for each member of your family.

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Keep Your Shower Organized And Clean

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Dawn plus vinegar in a dish scrubber can keep your shower sparkling.  Simply give your shower tough spots a quick scrub after your shower, and you’ll spend less time cleaning your shower. This can be stored right in the shower.

See All Your Hair Accessories

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Oh man, I can use this idea. We have little girl bows and hair ties everywhere in our house. Grab a craft box at the dollar store and keep all those elastics, clips and bows at hand… instead of all over your counter and floor. Genius!

Make Adorable Metal Storage Bins

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Storage bins can get pricey, especially if you love the look of metal. Spray paint dollar store bins with metallic spray paint and get the same look.

Keep Your Scarves From Falling In Your Closet

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Is anyone else out there a scarf addict like me? Make this super easy Scarf Organizer from the dollar store using a hanger and shower curtain rings. I have two of these in my closet and they are so handy!

Beautiful Makeup Brush Organizers

Miss Bombshell XOXO / Via Tumblr.com

Not only does this nifty glass vase keep your makeup brushes organized, it helps to keep them cleaner by keeping them upright. Fill the jar with beads, sand, decorative rocks or marbles.

Keep Your Car Clean

Via diyreal.com

Use a cereal container from the dollar store as a garbage container in your car. Not only do you have a place to stash those winter tissues and hand wipes, the sealed lid will keep it from falling over. Just remember to empty it next time you fill your tank with gas.

Keep Your Canned Goods Organized

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Keep the cans in your pantry neat and tidy. Pick up a magazine holder from the dollar store, and you will be rolling our cans just like they do in the grocery store. Canned soup anyone?

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Stash Your Flat And Curling Irons

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It’s hard to stash a hot curling iron or flat iron until it cools. Secure a metal file organizer to your cabinet and you will be able to stash your warm appliances in a quick and tidy way.

Do you have any other ideas to organize with dollar store items? Tell me in the comments!

13 thoughts on “11 Ideas To Organize With Dollar Store Items Now”

  1. I love these ideas! I have no counter space in my tiny bathroom. I bought a hanging shoe holder and put all my bathroom stuff in it. For my makeup I bought square cups and used command strips and stuck them to my wall for makeup brushes, eye pencils, lipstick…

  2. Wow these are all such great ideas! I think I like the one about keeping the car clean the best. Seems like that’s a constant struggle with little ones. Although keeping the canned goods in order would be amazing too.

  3. I so need those in my life! I have this need to organizing everything at home, it’s just so satisfying. Lol. Thanks for sharing these ideas! Really helpful!

  4. You are a girl after my own heart! If there’s a cheaper way to organize I want to do it I love getting stuff at the dollar store to organize. These are all great tips and I’m going to take a few of these and use them in my house.

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