Craft gifts for kids under $25

Just about all kids love some type of arts and crafts, and many kids claim it’s their all-time favorite activity. You will find a huge variety of craft gifts for kids in shopping centers as well as online stores. The best part about shopping online is that you can find a fabulous range of craft kits and easily get some gifts for well under $25.

Craft gifts for kids should be bought according to their age groups as well as skill levels.  You will come across painting kits, recycled crafts, educational craft and many more, but nothing can beat crayons, paints and paper when it comes to buying crafts for kids. Children love to paint and create things with paper. Just make sure those crafts are easy and simple to use and you buy them from reputable stores.

Craf Gifts for Kids

Cool ideas for craft gifts for kids

Wood Stringing Beads Set
Your kid would simply love this set of colorful beads and he can play with it for hours and never get bored. Moreover this is an educative craft set and help him get familiar with color and counting.

Paint the Town
very child loves to paint and he will simply love those paint cups and paintbrushes. He can paint for hours, without creating any mess, thanks to the paint cups and paintbrushes on the dual lid cups.

Art Jar
Buy your little one this art jar that will hardly cost you anything but help you win loads of love from your kid. This is a great idea for craft gifts for kids

Finger Paints
Just pay around 7 dollar for those finger paints that come in sets of five. See you child paint the town red with this amazing craft gift.

Touch of Color Finger Paint Pad
The Touch of Color Finger Paint Pad is another of those great craft gifts for kids, this is again a great favorite with young kids. They simply use their finger for creativity and can spend hours lost in their world.

New! Finger Puppet Stitch Kit
This set of 4 finger puppets costs just $19.95 each and are available inexclusive animal or holiday prints. This is one of the best craft gifts for kids looking for their first venture in digital theater.

New!Pillow Stitch Kit
The Pillow Stitch Kit craft is very popular among young girls. Made from durable cotton canvas, this is a barrel of fun for the young ones as it is easy to complete and put together.

As we all know, kids love crafts and these are not just a means of entertainment but also teach kid essential motor, memory and cognitive skills. Many of these crafts improve their hand and eye coordination. Gather some cool ideas for craft gifts for kids and have a splendid time with them. The kids love it more when their parents too get involved in their activities. Gift them something that they will really enjoy these holidays and have a blast with them. Your child will have some happy hours and special memories with you and those wonderful craft times.

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  1. These crafts would be awesome around here! My kids have started to develop a huge interest in beading and painting, to the point I am spending an arm and a leg getting. The pillow stitch kit would be awesome even for me haha!!

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