Celebrate Chinese New Year With a Feather Fan Craft #BLUEDRAGONCNY


My daughter attends a school where 92% of the kids come from different cultures. She has friends whose parents were born in China, Romania, South America, etc. Each day she learns a new word or custom from a friend. I find this an enriching experience. She gets to visit the world at home. She doesn’t have to travel to discover new cultures!

Her best friend has Chinese origins. When it is Chinese New Year, my daughter and her friend get together and create crafts. For the upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration, they made this cute and super easy fan. They made it out of materials I had on hand. I always stock up on craft supplies from dollar stores. It is handy for those days off, play dates and rainy Sunday afternoons.

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Chinese New Year Feather Fan Craft



  • White paper.
  • A pack of feathers
  • Some Glue
  • Lots of creativity

Make it


  • Fold the paper in an accordion style
  • Add glue on the paper
  • Glue the feathers. This part is a bit difficult and little ones may need your help

Some feathers were hard to glue so I stapled them.



You have an easy craft that will help them celebrate Chinese New Year in style! Looking for more great ways to celebrate Chinese New Year? Check out our delicious Chili Coconut Stir Fry made with Blue Dragon sauce!


Blue Dragon has so many ways to bring a taste of the East to your home. I also like to use it to spice up my salads, like in this yummy Asian Cottage Cheese Salad recipe! Need even more inspiration? Visit the Blue Dragon Website to check out all their great flavors, then head over to their awesome new Tumblr. Like Blue Dragon on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

Speaking of Twitter, Blue Dragon is having a fun Twitter party to celebrate Chinese New Year! There are prizes to be won and if you Tweet at a friend using the hashtag, we’ll Tweet out a personalized lantern GIF to them! ! Join them on Thursday, February 19th, 9-10PM EST. Follow the hashtag #BLUEDRAGONCNY to join!


I am part of the Blue Dragon Canada ambassador program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.






44 thoughts on “Celebrate Chinese New Year With a Feather Fan Craft #BLUEDRAGONCNY”

  1. Cute and easy project — I have feathers in my stash so we are going to make some of these later today. Thanks!

  2. This is a beautiful craft! I see Blue Dragon sauces in the stores often and now I think I should give them a try.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m sure kids love helping to make these, that is if they can stop tickling each other with the feathers long enough :-)

  4. Ok – well this craft maybe something I could do – lol – But, the cooking and your recipe Asian Cottage Cheese Salad recipe – that I can and will do – thank you :)

  5. What a cute craft idea. And so colorful too! Your Chili Coconut Stir Fry looks delicious and would be perfect for me to make one night this week.

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