7 Beautiful Mosaic Ideas To Make Your Garden Pretty

Bring a little art into your garden with these fun DIY garden mosaic projects that you can do in a weekend. This is such a beautiful way to reuse all those broken and chipped plates and mugs. Of course, if you don’t want to smash your china, you can always buy tile at a hardware store.

I have already started planning my garden and this year I’m going to add at least one garden mosaic. Mosaic projects are not difficult and have a beautiful colorful look when you are finished. There are all kinds of different projects you can put in your garden, and the durability of mosaic projects means your piece should last.

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To get yourself started, I recommend buying a pair of tile cutters instead of simply breaking with a hammer. I have found I am much less likely to cut myself accidently when I use tile cutters. If you find yourself breaking plates, glasses, china or other types of pottery or glassware save the pieces for your next project. You can also pick up odd pieces of pottery and colored glass at thrift shops or the dollar store. You can buy pieces of brightly colored mosaic glass also, or even mix pretty china with the colored glass for a beautiful project. Make sure to wear work gloves (like thicker gardening gloves from the dollar store!) when cutting glass or pottery.

7 Beautiful Garden Mosaic Ideas To Make Your Garden Pretty

Now why are you breaking plates and cutting glass again? Behold, the inspiration for your garden, mosaic projects to break your plates!

Heart Stepping Stones


This is so pretty! I seriously love the addition of tiny fragments of broken china to a mosaic piece. The pretty painted flowers give the piece a beautiful shabby chic look that is perfect for the garden!

Bird Bath


What a sweet idea to make your bird bath a bit prettier. This project is a very elaborate bird bath, but you could easily start by just adding some pretty colored stones to the top. I like the flower design created here.

Wine Bottle Art


Who likes wine? I know it might be tough, but you may need to find somewhere an empty bottle of wine to make this project. How you choose to do that is up to you, but doesn’t it make a beautiful garden mosaic when you’re finished?

Cute Frog Decor


Have a fence post or flower pot that could be a little prettier? Why not make a shiny glass mosaic piece to bring more color to your space. I love this sweet little frog, but you could make flowers, the sun, a butterfly or anything else you can imagine.

Ice Cream Pathway


I’m not sure if I’m talented to make an ice cream cone with this much detail, but I bet I could make a beautiful treat stepping stone. This cute ice cream cone is the perfect touch of summer to add ot your garden.

Garden Table


This cute little table is the perfect upcycled project. I always need places to put the plants I want to go both inside and outside, like my herbs. This is the perfect little table to hold both my plants and my glass of wine!

CD Flower Planter


I might have a cd or three laying around, mostly rewriteable these days. Why not take your old CDs and make something beautiful out of them. Check out this beautiful mosaic garden planter. You could use this beautiful planter outside or inside!

What projects are you going to try for your garden this year? Are you going to make any pretty mosaic garden art? Tell us in the comments!

32 thoughts on “7 Beautiful Mosaic Ideas To Make Your Garden Pretty”

  1. I love mosaics! These are all beautiful! We just purchased our house this year and I’m itching to start gardening this spring! I can’t wait!!

  2. These are gorgeous! I can’t wait to make a mosaic of my own when we have a place for a garden! Thanks for sharing these – they are really inspiring!

  3. I absolutely adore mosaic tile patterns. There’s something about all those pieces coming together and making a beautiful design that is so intriguing.

  4. I love the ‘Treats in the Streets’ one! I would like to make something mosaic. I have a cd book, full of old CDs I never listen to and they would make a great item to repurpose.

  5. These look like really fun projects to do with the family! We’re in the process of setting up our family garden this year (or will be when the weather is warmer) so I will be saving this post for future reference.

  6. These are so pretty and so much fun to make. I wonder if you can get old broken tiles from a diy store to make these. Hardest thing is finding the right colour.

  7. My mom and I used to do mosaics all the time! We turned a cement garden bench into a mosaic of an armadillo – we both collect them! It was so much fun to do as a mom/daughter and it will be a piece that we keep in our family forever!

  8. I would LOVE to add mosaics to our future garden. I’m planning a “postage stamp” vegetable garden for our yard this summer (we live in a trailer with 3 acres but I don’t want to plan a huge garden I can’t handle alone) and I might make some cute mosaics for that, but I can’t WAIT to have our own house I can decorate outside.

  9. I would love to make these. My favourite is the bottle art as I’ve never seen anything like it before and think it’d look so nice in the garden during summer. Thanks for the recommendations :)

  10. I want to try the mosaic terra cotta pot. I have a little one I can try this out on and then maybe build up to bigger projects.

  11. I love the bird bath-it is really pretty. I have always liked mosaic pieces, If I owned a home I would definite;y try to make a couple of mosaic stepping stones!

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