Pregnant Again? Find Out What to Expect This Time Around!


With Kate Middleton experiencing her second pregnancy, it’s a super-hot topic right now! Everyone wants to know what the lovely Duchess is up to, how she’s feeling, how this pregnancy is different from her first. Maybe you’re in the same boat as Kate and embarking on your own second pregnancy journey! While everyone is different, take a look at what to expect during your second pregnancy.

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Second Pregnancy: What to Expect This Time Around

Let’s start with the symptoms, shall we? After all, I would definitely want to know if I should plan on being sick like I was with my son! Poor Kate Middleton is experiencing hyperemesis for the second time!

  • Morning sickness: Maybe, maybe not. Here’s the thing, if you experienced morning sickness with your first child, there is a good chance that you’re going to have to deal with it again. However, it may not be as severe. Even if it is, at least you have a good idea of what helps soothe it!
  • Hello, sleepiness! So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but chances are you’re going to be VERY tired during your second pregnancy. Think about it, caring for a child is tiring. Being pregnant is tiring. Both at the same time? You’re going to need extra rest!
  • You’ll show faster. Chances are pretty high that your baby bump is going to emerge much faster than with your first pregnancy. Guess you’ll have to break out those maternity clothes a bit earlier, right?
  • Easier labor! No promises here, but your second pregnancy SHOULD go a little easier when it comes to labor and delivery. On the down side, you may have more intense contractions.
  • Repeat in complications. Certain conditions, such as preeclampsia, rH disease and gestational diabetes are likely to occur in your second pregnancy if you had them in the first. With preeclampsia, I was told that the risk increases depending on when you developed up. Since I developed mine at about 28 weeks, I had a 60% chance of going through it again.

Like I said, everyone is different. You may be the lucky one that gets to totally skip morning sickness the second time around, or the mom who gets a major burst of energy!

Now let’s talk non-symptoms!

Things like financial and emotional expectations during your second pregnancy!

  • First, on the plus side, if you saved everything from your first pregnancy, you can save money this time around! You won’t need to buy nearly as many maternity clothes. Sure, styles change, but you can update basic pieces with accessories to save money.
  • While you may need to buy a new car seat (they do expire, you know) and a second crib if you’re still using the first, you should be pretty well stocked up on other baby gear. Reuse your first child’s toys that are still in good condition, bouncy seats and more.
  • Another great thing about a second pregnancy: you pretty much know what you need and don’t need. We all go a little overboard during the first pregnancy, buying all sorts of random gadgets and goodies. This time, you can stick to what you know you need and forget the rest.
  • Emotionally, your second pregnancy can be a little overwhelming at times. Maybe your first-born isn’t thrilled about sharing mom and dad. Perhaps it was unexpected and you don’t feel quite ready. If you are facing emotional turmoil, it’s important to talk to someone. It could be your spouse, your own mother or even a counselor.

It bears repeating: every pregnancy is different! The thing is, no one really know exactly what to expect during a second pregnancy any more than they know what to expect the first, third or even tenth time around!

Did you already experience a second pregnancy? What surprised you most that was different from your first?

9 thoughts on “Pregnant Again? Find Out What to Expect This Time Around!”

  1. My daughter is expecting her second child in April. Since she is 35 she is getting all those genetic tests and she is very freaked out. I just pray everything is OK with both Mom and baby.

  2. As much as I like the idea of the anticipation of not knowing, I have found out with all of my pregnancies. Including the one I am currently going through,,,,number3!! At the end of the day, I just can’t not know!

  3. My 2nd pregnancy was worse than the first. But that is because I had a bad gallbladder and it took 6 months to figure out that is what was causing the problems. After it was removed the last week of my 2nd trimester things went a lot better. But it was still hard cause I was in my 3rd trimester recovering from a major surgery. not fun.

    But what I really wish I would have known about is the cramping and contracting the uterus back to size after the baby is born is WORSE than the 1st time around. Holy crimany! It was horrible! So much more painful than after the 1st baby.

  4. My second pregnancy was very much the same as my first, but I delivered my 2nd in less than 4 hrs with NO pushing and no drugs; my first was 72 hrs and an epidural!

    Great list!

  5. My second pregnancy was completely different. My first was a breeze… the second I had terrible morning sickness and low blood sugar (lots of blacking out) and I ended up on bedrest from my Placentia Previa! Ooof…. glad that’s over. First time was much more fun!

  6. Great list! The second time around I found I didn’t stress as much about the little things and only bought the essentials. I agree – first time moms definitely go overboard because they don’t know what they’ll need.

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