Raising Money for Fertility Treatments through Crowdfunding


Would you try raising money for infertility through crowdfunding? We came across an interesting article that talked about how couples are doing just that!

An increasing number of couples are struggling with infertility. Fertility treatments cost a LOT of money – much more money than the typical couple has at their disposal – tens of thousands of dollars! So how can the average couple go about raising money for fertility treatments? Increasingly, couples are turning to a new way of raising money: crowdfunding sites such as Go Fund Me and Indiegogo.

Raising Money for Fertility Treatments


How successful are couples in raising money for fertility treatments on crowd funding sites? Very. Sometimes they can meet their fundraising goal in a matter of weeks. As in the past, when people used to simply spread the word that they were seeking donations, many of the actual funders on these crowdfunding sites end up being friends and family. But many are also complete strangers.

What’s the hook? According to Indiegogo’s playbook, people contribute for four reasons: people, passion, participation, and perks. What can prospective parents offer their funders as incentives (besides the warm fuzzy feeling from helping someone out)? Some couples offer to name them as honorary godparents or promise to send monthly photos once the baby is born. And it doesn’t end at in vitro fertilization treatments either – some couples are raising the thousands of dollars needed to pay an egg donor through crowdfunding.

Before you consider if you’d like to raise money through a crowdfunding site yourself, consider some of the following:

  • Do you both mind being THAT public about your infertility problems?
  • Can you deal with possible (very public) negativity from people who disapprove of publicly funding your fertility treatments this way?
  • How much money you actually need, including incidentals
  • Remember that friends and family are the biggest funders – do you have enough to meet your goal?

Raising money for fertility treatments through crowdfunding doesn’t seem that far-fetched, considering some of the other things that people use the services for! For some couples, it may be the only way to get that much-needed extra money to help them afford infertility treatments. As mentioned above, it really does depend on your comfort level whether this is an option for you.

Would you give money to a couple raising money for fertility treatments on a crowd funding site? Would you or have you used a crowdfunding site to raise money for treatments? Let us know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Raising Money for Fertility Treatments through Crowdfunding”

  1. My husband and I have to go the egg donor route. I don’t know how old this link is but we are too looking for help. In an effort to raise the money that we need to become the parents that we have so longed to become. https://www.youcaring.com/Krymuza Please if anyone can help us out or help spread the word for us please do. We are also trying to find a puzzle that we will display in our child’s room and it will have everyone’s name on a puzzle piece that helps donate and get us through this journey.

  2. IVF is so crazy expensive… it would be worth it if there were guarantees… but there is a very real possibility you could go through more waiting, be out $40,000, and STILL be childless. That scared me more than the thought of not having a baby. As a last ditch effort after a yr of ttc on my own, I ordered a conceiveeasy trial in the middle of the night, totally on a whim. I would never consider ordering something to help me with fertility online, but it seemed safe and natural.. like it couldnt hurt to give it a try.. 2 months later, I was pregnant with a baby girl. And all it cost me was $40. So i guess my point is.. try the more affordable solutions first. Spend the money on tests to find out if you truly are unable to conceive without ivf.

  3. Hey guys, my husband and I can’t make a baby without having the IVF procedure. This is a very expensive process and we need your help! Please take a look at our charity foundation to help raise awareness about infertility disease and make our dream come true. Every penny helps!!!Whether you decide to donate or not, thank you and God bless. http://www.gofundme.com/miraclebabyinfertility

  4. It’s great that this option now exists for everyone, especially those who cannot afford these expensive treatments and it’s lovely to read that many campaigns are successful.

  5. I think it is an option if a couple really wants to have a child. I know that there are some wealthy people are willing to help a couple in need. Even if the couple choose to adopt, chances are they would have to crowd fund too. If people don’t believe in this action, they can simply ignore the offer to help and move on to the next person.

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