12 Great Ways to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy


Trying to save money on clothes to cover your ever-growing baby bump? Here’s a tip: there are plenty of non-maternity clothes for pregnancy that you can wear! It’s great to see how versatile maternity clothes have become. Many stores now carry a specially-curated department for future mommies. Selections are so much more versatile than what they once used to be. However, many women like to skip out on purchasing maternity wear since they tend to be on the pricier side. In fact, many expecting moms would much rather wear the clothes they already have in their wardrobe.

We put together a few ideas for non-maternity clothes. Perhaps you already have a lot of these items in your closet. Who doesn’t appreciate convenience and budget-friendly options when you’re expecting?

Non-Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy

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Loose Dresses


Tunics, a-line cuts, and t-shirt dresses can be played up and down. These shapes are ideal for pregnant women since they are a lot roomier and don’t have any cinched detailing that can cause strain on the growing belly.

  1. Play up this one with a scarf, some costume jewelry, and stockings. It comes in an array of colors and is reviewed to have a very flattering fit.
  2. This mock-neck tunic is perfect over a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Sport them with a cute bootie, and you’re ready to rock the town! The keyhole detail on the back adds a really nice touch of “fashion forwardness.”
  3. A swing dress is also a great non-maternity alternative: it offers spacious room for your growing belly. This one is incredibly chic, and the crochet trimming gives it so much character.
  4. The length on this tunic dress will definitely accommodate to your pregnancy. You won’t have to worry about it becoming too short and having to wear stockings or leggings as you get bigger. Also, how beautiful are its neckline and Dolman sleeves?


Denim and chambray have always been in style, and we found a few pieces that will accommodate to your pregnancy. Denim is always fun to layer and mix and match with other materials. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

  1. A chambray shirt is always classic, but we love the twist that this one has with its distressed finish. We love the wash and how it can be sported with a pair of ultra-dark denim jeans or a pair of black leggings.
  2. This denim vest can go over just about anything: a t-shirt, a long-sleeved blouse, or even a tunic dress (see above)! The white is a great alternative to the classic blue-denim color. This number is particularly known for its comfortability with its relaxed fit.
  3. A denim jacket can always make a fashion statement. This Levi’s trucker jacket comes in all sorts of washes that it’s so hard to choose just one! They’re all so versatile and can be worn with just about anything. Make a denim jacket your “go-to fashion piece” during your pregnancy!
  4. We love the idea of a denim dress: especially one that buttons all the way down. This dress gives you the option to keep it open and sport a t-shirt dress underneath when you need extra room. Cinch it with a belt and you will definitely look put-together and totally on-trend!!

Button-Downs and Zip-Ups


Button-down shirts and zip-up sweaters give you plenty of space since they offer you the option to keep them or partially or fully open. Button-down shirts can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what you’re wearing them for. Zip-up sweaters like hoodies are extremely comfortable and perfect for running errands and relaxing on the weekends.

  1.   This linen button-down boasts a beautiful, relax fit and is iron-free. We love how it can be worn to the office with a pair of black dress pants or on the weekend out with friends with a pair of khakis or denim shorts.
  2.  Who could ever say no to an ultra-comfy fleece sweater? This one is great for when you’re on-the-go: ideal for the active mom-to-be!
  3.  Plaid shirts have been all the rage lately, and we can’t help but fall in love with the patchwork pattern on this one. Along with its distressed detail by the buttons, this shirt is definitely one-of-a-kind.
  4.  This simple hoodie comes in all sorts of colors and is an essential basic for any wardrobe. After getting a good feel on how comfortable it is, you’ll want to buy every single shade for your closet!

With a little imagination and creativity, you can turn any loose-fitting clothes into great non-maternity clothes for pregnancy! Take a look in your closet for inspiration, then just grab the extra pieces you need to complete your outfits.

Did you wear non-maternity clothes during your pregnancy? Share your tips below!

4 thoughts on “12 Great Ways to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy”

  1. The loose dress is my jam! I do LOVE the beautiful maternity clothes I have, though. My sister passed them to me and they’re so much fun- showing off my bumps has been the greatest- and I hope to one more time!

  2. Terry My Journey With Candida

    I can remember wearing my jeans for most of my pregnancy. I just put a belt on and made it loose. Then I put a longer top on and it worked out great.

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