Winter Outerwear for Pregnant or Infant-Wearing Moms

Should you invest in a good maternity winter coat or just get a jacket extender? Check out the pros, cons & our favorite picks for both options! As the temperatures start to drop, deciding what outerwear options are best can be stressful for a pregnant or new mom. Some moms opt to layer rather than purchase a maternity winter coat or jacket extender, but if you live in a climate with extremely low temperatures, that probably won’t cut it. So which route should you go – a maternity coat or a jacket extender?

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Maternity Winter Coat or Jacket Extender: Which is Best for You?

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Maternity coats are available at many retailers who carry a maternity line, and they are often A-line shaped to allow room for your growing belly. If you will spend most of the winter pregnant, treat yourself to a maternity winter coat; they are stylish and will fit comfortably throughout your pregnancy.

If you have plans to babywear once your little one arrives, you might want to consider a jacket extender rather than a maternity coat. Jacket extenders attach to your current non-maternity coat, and in most cases, they are reversible to accommodate a baby carrier. Some of them are rather expensive, but since you will use the extender for up to two winter seasons (depending on how long you baby wear), it may be worth it.

Now that you know the benefits of each option, this list of top-rated products is a good place to start as you decide what’s right for you.

  • Kokoala. A Canadian-owned and operated company, Kokoala offers several options for a jacket extender, enabling you to keep your current coat. Offerings range from a lightweight original extender for $86 CAD up to a deluxe long extender for $119 CAD. They even have a fleece extender just for babywearing for $40 CAD. You can purchase in boutique retail locations around Canada and the US or online; if you choose the latter, you get free shipping with a purchase of $120 or more.

  • MakeMyBellyFit. Created in 2010 by a dad and mom (who now have 3 kids), BellyFit is a relatively inexpensive option at $52 USD for the extender itself, and another $5 USD if you need a zip adapter (the website has a form to help you determine if you need one). They also offer a warmth layer for $14 USD. You can order online and receive free shipping in Canada for orders over $70, or take a peek at the store locations in Canada and the US (with a couple of European locations thrown in for good measure).

  • Amauti. These beautiful lightweight winter jackets are available in both Canada and the US and are custom-made for each buyer, utilizing your unique measurements and body proportions. The design includes a babywearing “pouch” (for lack of a better word) on the back which will securely hold your baby. These jackets are not inexpensive at $450 CAD, however they are made using an exclusive Inuit pattern and are absolutely beautiful. Payment is required in full before fabrication, and contact information is included on the website if you wish to order custom sashes for your Amauti.

  • BellyCoat. If you’re looking for a jacket extender that will grow with your belly, this may be the one for you. BellyCoat offers an extender for $89.99 CAD, an extender + extension for $104.99 CAD (purchased together), and the extender + extension upside down for babywearing. They also offer free shipping in Canada for orders over $99.
  • M-coat. If you’d rather have a new coat than just a jacket extender, this is the Cadillac of maternity coats. A lightweight jacket shell retails for $195 CAD, whereas the heavy parkas range from $350-$495 CAD. That said, you may never need another coat; the panel can be positioned to make an A-line coat while pregnant, reversed to accommodate babywearing, or removed altogether for a stylish non-maternity coat. Retail shops are available, and you can also purchase online.

  • Extendher. This jacket extender clips on to any zippered article of clothing. It can be inverted once the baby is born to allow for hands-free babywearing. Prices range from $89.99 USD for the lightweight version to $139.99 USD for the polar version. The website offers free shipping in the US for orders over $100. Extendher is also available on Amazon.
  • Motherhood Maternity Modern Eternity 3-in-1 Puffer Coat. At $139.98 USD, this is the most reasonably priced coat, and it includes a removable and reversible panel to allow for babywearing or use post-maternity. The reviews share that this coat is both stylish and comfortable; you can’t go wrong with this less-expensive option.

At such a wonderfully exciting time in your life, you want to make sure you are comfortable and warm, and selecting a maternity winter coat or extender that allows you versatility is a great way to go.

Share in the comments which of these items you chose or if there is one you like better!

20 thoughts on “Winter Outerwear for Pregnant or Infant-Wearing Moms”

  1. I remember having to borrow my husbands coat in the winter because I couldn’t find anything cute (and he had my alma mater on his winter coat, lol, so I was happy to use it). This is way better though….to have an extender!

  2. I think getting a coat extender is so much more convenient but then again it will always depend on the momma in question. I love that you posted the good and the bad for both of the choices though, it will make the pregnant moms out there decide easier.

  3. I love the Bellycoat, that’s such a neat idea and the M Coat is superb! When I have a baby this will without a doubt be on my list of must haves. I enjoy anything that is convertible and 3 in 1.

  4. I wish I would have gotten an extender at least when I was expecting last winter. I got my belly pretty quickly and I think it would have been more comfortable to!

  5. I was pregnant for an entire winter with my Son so I bought a maternity coat. I love the idea of a jacket extender . Perfect for baby wearing in the cold.

  6. This was my biggest dilemma when I was pregnant with my daughter! I wish I would’ve known about an extender, it would have made things so much easier!

  7. It’s definitely time to gear up for winter. I think the 3-in-1 puffer coat is really cool. It’s nice having something you can wear even when you’re not babywearing.

  8. Reesa Lewandowski

    I never heard of a jacket extender! I was pregnant in the dead of winter twice, so this would have been a great option for me!

  9. Using an extender is a really great option – especially if you’re watching your budget! I didn’t realize how many there were out on the market!

  10. What a thoughtful idea for new or expecting moms! All three of my children were born in the late spring and early summer months, so the thought of a coat extender never really crossed my mind.

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