Is there a Right Way to Sleep with Pregnancy Pillows?


Think there’s no right or wrong way when it comes to how to sleep with pregnancy pillows? You may be surprised! We’ve talked a lot about how those special body pillows become your best friend during pregnancy. Now we’re going to tell you how to use them the right way to really reap the benefits. Of course, it really does all come down to a matter of comfort and what works best for you, but these tips on how to sleep with pregnancy pillows will get you started in the right direction to a better night’s sleep during pregnancy!

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How to sleep with pregnancy pillows

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First, you must determine what pregnancy pillow is best for you.  A wedge will help relieve discomfort in one or two locations, such as between the knees to keep your spine in alignment and your joints from getting sore, or wedged under your belly for support while laying on your side.  If general discomfort is what you are experiencing, or you are having trouble sleeping, a full sized body pillow will certainly help. 

The wedge pregnancy pillow is a smaller pillow and looks just like it sounds.  You can use it to help prop your swollen ankles up while sitting on the couch, your place it between your knees while sleeping.  Under your belly is also a great place, as it gets bigger and heavier, gravity takes over while sleeping on your side and rolling over can get difficult.  With a wedge placed properly, your belly is not sitting directly on the bed and is propped up a bit for comfort. 

After purchasing the pillow of your choice, be sure to read the instructions for some of the best tips on how to sleep with pregnancy pillows.  Using the pillow properly is just as important as which pillow you purchase for comfort.  There are many ways to use them.  The body pillow is a huge wrap around pillow (think of a gigantic ‘U’ shape).  This might even replace your regular pillow, depending on how you use it.

Supporting the head and neck is important, so keeping the opening of the pillow at your feet, you can support your head with the body pillow and still keep it between your knees and ankles for proper alignment and joint relief.  When you throw yourself over (yes, I said throw, because that is what you will end up doing the bigger your belly gets) the pillow is the same on the other side!

If you prefer to have the opening at the top, you can continue to use your regular pillow or you can also purchase a neck pillow.  Its a smaller version of the body pillow (you might recognize this as a travel pillow).

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 I hope these tidbits of information will get you on your way to some more restful and painless sleep.  Pregnancy is a great time and has its ups and downs.  Enjoy every minute of it, the good and the discomfort!

Have you found other ways to relieve discomfort while sleeping? Do you have any other tips on how to sleep with pregnancy pillows to make the most of them? Post your suggestions below!


28 thoughts on “Is there a Right Way to Sleep with Pregnancy Pillows?”

  1. Bonnie @ wemake7

    Great tips! I just had to have a body pillow when I was pregnant and now 15 years later I’m still having to use one to sleep.

  2. This is an awesome post indeed. It is so important to be comfy when you are pregnant. I would love to have one of these pillows even though I am not pregnant. Thanks for sharing

  3. I was so excited to get a pregnancy pillow because I was having trouble sleeping. I don’t think I loved it the way I thought I would, but I do think I kept it around as an option. Anything that could help just a little was a big relief!

  4. This looks awesome :) Pregnancy pillows look so comfy, I think they would be great for just regular period cramps too.

  5. My last son was 12 lbs at birth and 23″ long. I was in so much back pain and agony for soooo many months, I really wanted support like this. These have beautiful patterns to choose from too :D

  6. When I was pregnant, I had tons of pillows that surrounded me. Oh my! My hubby believed that I was building a wall between us. hahaha

  7. One of my best friends is OBSESSED with pregnancy pillows and she isn’t even pregnant haha! I don’t blame her — they are really comfortable!

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