Great Winter Maternity Fashion For A Stylish Pregnancy


Maternity fashion has come a long way over the decades!  Gone are the Mumus and tent dresses.  Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of fashion.  There is a lot in your non-maternity wardrobe that you can still use as well from sweaters and ponchos to yoga pants for comfort.  Listed below are staples that every pregnant woman should have in their wardrobe for getting through your pregnancy in style.

Winter Maternity Fashion For A Stylish Pregnancy

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Layering tops: Long tank-tops and t-shirts will become a staple in your maternity wardrobe.  You can wear them alone, or under a cute sweater or light coat.  Also, as your body temp rises you might find yourself removing whatever top layer you choose, so layering a cute tank and/or T will be a must.


Ponchos and sweaters: Fun and stylish Winter maternity fashion, these items will get you through the majority of your of your pregnancy.  And chances have it, you have them in your closet already!  You can dress them up or go casual.  Versatile maternity pieces will be key in your wardrobe.


Jeans and stylish pants: Jeans are a given, they are a staple in any woman’s closet, including a pregnant one.  Why the stylish pants and what do I mean?  We are talking pants with print, or made of a different fabric.  Also, be sure to purchase them in a style with the full belly panel.  You will thank me later on in your pregnancy!

Maternity Belt Great Winter Maternity Fashion For A Stylish Pregnancy

Belly band:  A what?  It is just that, a band that goes around your belly.  This is an item that can last your entire pregnancy.  In the early months, it will allow you to continue to wear your pre-pregnancy pants before maternity pants are necessary.  You can keep your pants unbuttoned and it will help to hold your pants up and cover your belly.  The belly band will save you in the end of your pregnancy, you can wear this, and your layering tanks and T’s and still walk around in style.



Dresses and warm tights:  Dresses are the best way to feel comfortable when you have to dress up (or just want to feel better about yourself!)  Fit is important, you want to show off that bump, so form fitting dresses are best.  Warm tights, whether printed or solid, are going to add to your dress and help keep you warm (and also help to hide the swelling you may be experiencing).great-winter-maternity-fashion-stylish-pregnancy

Slip-on boots:  Complete your new maternity look with cute slip-on (yet comfortable) boots.  Shearling boots (think UGGS) will go with virtually anything you wear during the colder months.  Whether it be jeans, or yoga pants, you will still be the stylish (and comfortable!) pregnant woman in the room!

 Many items listed above are things you can use post-pregnancy as well.  Think about shopping on places such as Zulily and Amazon for maternity pieces.  Also, check out yardsale pages on Facebook in your area.  Maternity clothes tend to be in fairly good condition because they aren’t used for very long.  Talk about getting the most for your money!  No one wants to make purchases they can only use for a short time, or at least keep them to a minimum.

What sort of stylish maternity fashion items did you have in your maternity wardrobe?  What do you consider to be a ‘must-have’ for getting through those nine months while your body changes?  Post your suggestions below!



29 thoughts on “Great Winter Maternity Fashion For A Stylish Pregnancy”

  1. What cute maternity clothes. I absolutely love those shoes and anyone could wear those. The key is to always be comfortable.

  2. Two of my pregnancies were in the winter & I don’t recall ever being that stylish. Actually, out of all three, only for one did I have enough maternity wear to last an entire week. If only I could go back! LOL

  3. I love all of this! I wish I had any of it when I was expecting. I’m glad to see this in case I ever expect again. I never did have very comfy or nice maternity clothes!

  4. I just went to Motherhood Maternity and picked up a few 3/4 sleeve shirts and a couple pairs of capris. I’m short enough that when i unroll them, they are pants for me. I’m not due until the end of April so I’ll be right in between the warm and cooler weather.

  5. I just reorganized clothes and found a bunch of my maternity clothes. I had some of the BEST shirts for layering and my favorite jeans. The shirts lasted the majority of my pregnancy and several months after. They were fabulous.

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