Stylish Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy |

When someone announces their second pregnancy, it can be tough to know what they may need.  Not only will they have a lot of items on hand already, some may not even register because they feel it is inappropriate since they have already had one baby shower before.  Here is a great list of Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy.  Not only is this great for you to buy for yourself, it is a great resource for you to shop for your friends and family as they navigate a second pregnancy.  Our bodies go through many changes during pregnancy.  Physical and emotional changes can take their toll on us.  These items are great for making you feel better while pregnant, as well as help after the baby arrives.

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Oversized Pregnancy Pillow:  These are a life saver from day one.  Not only will they help ease the strain on your hips and back, they give you a great post pregnancy pillow to prop on while nursing your baby in the middle of the night.  This overstuffed version is one of our favorites due to quality and overall size. Read our tips on choosing the best pregnancy pillow. You can even make a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow | Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

Graco DuoGlide Double Stroller:  If the new baby will be close in age to an older sibling, a double stroller is an excellent gift for a second pregnancy.  Not only is it needed and practical, it is a blessing to the receiver.  This one is a great easy to use model that fits in most budgets nicely.

Double Stroller | Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump:  If you choose to breastfeed, there are going to be times when pumping is necessary.  The Medela line of products is a must for moms everywhere.  Hospital grade quality with functional storage and great accessories. Not sure about breastfeeding pumps? Read this post : Why Every Mother Should Use A breastfeeding pump. (We respect those who choose or cannot breastfeed) .

Medela Breastpump | Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

Classic Comfort Wooden Bassinet:  For those moms who want to breastfeed, but don’t want to cosleep, this bassinet is the perfect solution.  Quality, beautiful and functional as a bed and changing station you can’t go wrong with this!

Classic Comfort Wooden Bassinet: Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

Empire Style Button Front Maternity Dress:  Nothing makes you feel better in the late days of pregnancy like being able to dress up and look beautiful for your spouse.  This great maternity dress is not only gorgeous, it is definitely a comfortable choice! Don’t miss this read about Fall Maternity Fashion.

Maternity Dress Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

Herringbone Lake Baby Sling:  Baby wearing has become more and more popular and we are so happy to see that!  Having your baby next to your chest in the early months helps soothe them with ease.  It also makes it much easier for the new mom to get her daily tasks done.

Baby Sling Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy

This list of great gift ideas for a second pregnancy has something for everyone.  Not only are these products quality, they are truly functional and will help that new mom be able to relax during pregnancy and easily cope after the birth of her new child.  Spoil yourself or your friend who is expecting with one of these great items today!

Which of these gift ideas for a second pregnancy is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Stylish Gift Ideas For A Second Pregnancy”

  1. You’d think that I wouldn’t need anything else after having the first baby, but there was still a ton I needed to buy/replace. I don’t know how I made it through my pregnancies without that pillow.

  2. I probably would argue with the pump and the bassinet, I had those from my first pregnancy. However, the oversize pillow sounds awesome as well as the maternity clothes

  3. Love the pregnancy pillow! We just picked one up for our daughter from a local website and only had to pay $30 for it. I don’t think we could have made it for that much!

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