12 Fabulous Fall Maternity Fashions For Stylish Mamas

Time to put away the summer maternity clothes and start shopping pregnancy fall fashion! We have you covered from top to bottom with these 12 pieces!

Calling all mamas-to-be, it’s time to start thinking fall maternity fashion! Sorry to break it to you, but summer is slowly coming to an end. With cooler, crisper weather on its way, you’ve got to get planning that autumn wardrobe!

I am proud to announce that by the time the fall season kicks around, I’ll be in the middle of my second trimester. I am so eager to put together season-appropriate outfits because I think that fall is incredibly versatile in what it has to offer fashion-wise. I can’t wait to go all out with my accessories, layering, and colors.

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Today, I put together some autumn essentials that can help kick off and elevate your wardrobe. When it comes to this season, it’s all about layering and pairing basic clothing (likely items that you already own such as t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve cotton shirts, etc.) with statement pieces. Below are some of my suggestions!

Cute Pregnancy Clothes for the Fall

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Bottoms are essential to purchase when going through a pregnancy. Although there are many tips and tricks to use old jeans while carrying, as you progress through your pregnancy, a pair of maternity pants ends up being the most comfortable option.

  1. A good pair of dark-washed jeans is essential to any autumn outfit. I love these ones by Rachel Zoe because of their cut, color, and the exposed zipper at the bottom – it’s a subtle detail that keeps the jeans unique!
  2. These Pinstripe Maternity Trousers would pair lovely with a bright, colorful blouse. Pants like these are office-appropriate but also, cute enough to wear to a dinner out.
  3. It’s always vital to have a pair of black denim for more formal occasions (but nothing too fancy). Sometimes, when a blue jean doesn’t cut it, a pair like these can add more formality to an outfit for a dinner or cocktail out with friends (but you’ll be taking the Shirley Temple!).
  4. I love a simple boot cut in a true blue wash. Nothing screams “classic” more than these jeans. Pair it with a simple white t-shirt, cardigan, and layer on a scarf and you’ve got the perfect autumn outfit. Not to mention, I love how elegant bootcut jeans can look with a pair of leather booties.

Overcoats, Blazers & Cardigans


For this fall, I’ll be keeping my eye open for anything that can zip or button up. This gives pregnant women the option of buying in both the maternity and in the “regular” departments. Plus, this gives me the option of sifting through my closet to see if there are any “open-style” sweaters that I already own and can take advantage of.

  1. The print on this bomber jacket is bold and fashionable, not loud and tacky. The pattern adds hints of color (notice the green diamonds within the black and white ones) to a neutral-colored outfit.
  2. Stripes and fall go hand-in-hand. This Open Layering Tonal Stripe Cardigan is ideal for layering some of your best accessories (Think long necklace, a fine scarf, and a paperboy hat). Since it’s not too thick, it can also fit comfortably under an autumn-appropriate coat on cooler days.
  3. This Bi-Stretch Twill Blazer is all about comfort and style. Sport it to the office with a pair of clean dress pants and cute flats, and you’ll be corporate-ready. I especially love it in the Vintage Khaki color because of its softness and femininity.
  4. Add some length to your outfit with this Maternity Pregnancy Coat that comes in a large variety of colors. I adore its elegant cut and how it opens right at the stomach, keeping the collar area closed and discrete. It boasts a beautiful knit that’s perfect for autumn wear and features button detailing on the sleeves and shoulder.



Now, let’s have some fun with our accessories this season, shall we? I know for many of you, shopping during a full-term can get discouraging, but keep your chin up! With the right accessories, there’s always a way to dress up and feel fabulous – even in the simplest of outfits.

  1. I am all about infinity scarves. I boarded this trend well before it even became one. I especially love the thicker knits like this one because it looks ultra-layered and adds so much texture to an outfit.
  2. These multilayer necklaces are so simple and dainty, yet make quite the fashion statement. Pair it with a v-neck blouse, a button-up shirt, etc. and add some sparkle to your outfit.
  3. I love adding pops of color to my otherwise neutral palette outfits and using scarves and accessories is a great way to do this. This Oblong Plaid Scarf in navy is a beautiful option to add to a tweed coat, thin turtleneck, and some dark wash jeans. Can you picture it now? Perfect for this season!
  4. Layering on costume jewelry is lots of fun and is especially easy to do with bangles. This set from Target has different tones and patterns and can play up pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

How far along are you? What are you planning to wear for this fall season? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what your picks are from this fashion list!


21 thoughts on “12 Fabulous Fall Maternity Fashions For Stylish Mamas”

  1. I honestly think the prettiest I have ever felt was when I was pregnant. Pregnant women are already so cute…these clothes are super cute.

  2. These are so much cuter than what I wore when I was pregnant! I love how great of styles there are out there for pregnant women.

  3. Maternity clothes has come a long way. I love these pieces, they look like everyday clothes (as they should!). I wish they had them when I had my first child almost 18 years ago, it was awful back then.

  4. That’s awesome that you are so far along! The clothing you picked is adorable and perfect for fall. The accessories will stretch the looks out without breaking the bank!

  5. I love it all and I’m not even pregnant! :)
    When your pregnant it’s nice to have cute maternity clothes that make you feel good. I’m glad that designers are picking up on that and designing for pregnant women too.
    And CONGRATS!!

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