7 Great Pregnancy Body Pillow Covers You’ll Love!

When you are pregnant getting a good night sleep is very important. Pregnancy pillows are an excellent choice for finding comfort. Here are our top 7 choices to help you sleep better.

When you are pregnant getting a good night sleep is super important.  These 7 Great Pregnancy Body Pillow Covers are great for going with your body pillow that offers comfort during your pregnancy. Not only will you sleep better at night, you can match this pillow to your personality and bedroom decor.  These are also great for giving as gifts alongside a nice memory foam body pillow to anyone on your list who is pregnant.

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Aller Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover:  This great simple cover is great for the person who struggles with allergies.  Many fabrics can cause irritations, and when pregnant you can often see those allergies exasperated. This will cut back on the discomfort will giving you a simple soft pillow cover.


Black & White Zebra Print Body Pillow Cover:  Everyone needs a bit more zebra print in their life.  This classic design is perfect for almost any bedroom decor.


Microfiber Plaid Body Pillow Cover:  This one is a fun way to bring in multiple colors while remaining classic.  Everyone loves a simple black, white, grey and red plaid pattern.


Black Damask Body Pillow Cover:  Black Damask is the epitome of classic patterns.  This matches wonderfully to any color theme, and brings an extra level of sophistication to your bedroom.

Damask Pregnancy Pillows Covers

Rainbow Cheetah Body Pillow Cover:  Take a trip back to your teen years wit this bright fun print.  Footloose and fancy free with neon rainbow print cheetah body pillow cover!

Rainbow Cheetah Pregnancy Body Pillow Covers

Pink Zebra Print Body Pillow Cover:  Don’t miss this fun and girly choice!  A step above simply zebra print!  This body pillow cover is tons of fun and perfectly bright to make any pregnant mom feel better.

Pink Zebra Pregnancy Body Pillow Covers

Pink Cotton Body Pillow Cover:  This super soft body pillow cover in bright pink is perfect for the girly girl.  Not only will it appeal to their love of all things pink, it will be super soft and comfortable against their skin.

Pink Cotton Pregnancy Body Pillow Covers

These great pregnancy body pillow covers are perfect for making your pregnancy easier.  A quality body pillow is perfect for helping ease the back pain of pregnancy.  Most women love having something that is special just for them, and these fun and functional body pillow covers make that easy.

Make sure to look for quality body pillows to go with these great pregnancy body pillow covers.  Memory foam pillows are often preferred, but some also love a great down pillow.  Make sure to grab a great pillow and a few of these fun and functional pregnancy body pillow covers for the mom to be in your life.

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