Pretty in Pink! 7 Girl Baby Shower Ideas

It’s a girl! Celebrate in style with these 9 spectacular girl baby shower ideas! Read all about them now!

It’s a girl! Celebrate in style with these 9 spectacular girl baby shower ideas! All babies are bundles of joy and true miracles! We get super excited when we think about a new baby girl coming into the world. Who doesn’t love cute little dresses and pretty pinks? If you are expecting a baby girl or if you are planning a shower for someone who is, you may be on the search for ideas. You’ll find tons of baby shower ideas for girls, so here are 7 of our favorites.

Girl Baby Shower Ideas

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1. Hershey’s bars turned pink!

Everyone has a sweet tooth. Why not thank guests with a full-size Hershey’s bar? Color the “SHE” on the wrapper in pink lettering. Wrap a small pink ribbon around them and viola! A sweet and simple party favor.

2. Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Strawberries and chocolate are amazing together! To tie in the baby girl theme, dip each strawberry in pink white chocolate. You can find colored chocolate at a craft store or you can dye white chocolate yourself!

3. Inexpensive vases

Pink flowers are a must at any girl’s baby shower! To keep costs low, use empty mason jars as vases. They can be spray painted with pink spray paint. We think pastel pink looks the prettiest! You can also use plain glass vases from a dollar store and let the flowers do all the talking!

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4. Tulle balloons

Balloons on their own are fun but glam them up by wrapping tulle around them.
Pink tulle on a clear balloon looks super chic! Tie off each piece of tulle with a pink ribbon to finish the look.

5. Pink drinks

Keep the pink theme going by serving your guests pink drinks! Drinks such as pink lemonade, raspberry punch, and cranberry spritzers are all great options. Be sure to serve them with a cute pink straw!

This is the yummiest pink lemonade recipe you’ve been craving! Perfect for summer parties or just lounging on the beach reading a good book!

6. Nail polish favors

If you want to give your guests a favor that isn’t food, consider giving each guest a bottle of
pink nail polish! Tie a ribbon and a “It’s a girl!” tag around each bottle. Everyone loves nail polish!


7. Baby sock garland

Purchase inexpensive
socks for baby girls and use them to create a clothesline garland. This garland looks adorable hanging on a mantel or on a table. The best part is that the mom-to-be can use the socks in the future!


There are so many clever and inexpensive girl baby shower ideas that you can go with! If pastel pink isn’t really your thing, you can go with other fun shades. I love darker pinks and purples for a girl shower, too! As long as your mom-to-be guest of honor has a great time, you’ve done your job.

What are your favorite girl baby shower ideas? Share below!


14 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink! 7 Girl Baby Shower Ideas”

  1. great ideas, my daughter is pregnant, and even though we dont know what it is yet, I think its a girl.

  2. So many cute ideas for the baby shower! I love decorating for the babies to be (and the mama of course too). 🙂

  3. These are all great ideas! I like the pink drinks. I could serve up some pink lemonade and that would get the idea across!

  4. rachelferrucci

    Love this- I did a pink and gold princess baby shower when my daughter was pregnant and even all our food matched. It wound up so beautiful. Pink is such a fun color to work with

  5. These are genius ideas! I would have loved to have seen this post when I was planning my daughter’s baby shower.

  6. These are all such pretty ideas! My cousin is expecting (we haven’t learned the sex yet) and I am so excited for her shower. I hope she incorporates some of these ideas into it!

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