4 Weeks Pregnant: The Implantation Stage

Since the first week of pregnancy is calculated based on the last day of your previous menstrual cycle, when you are 4 weeks pregnant, you’re really only two weeks past conception. This week is extremely important because your future baby implants into the lining of your uterus during this time. While the majority of women do not feel the implantation process, some experience mild cramping.

4 Weeks Pregnant: Body Changes

At 4 weeks pregnant, your outward appearance is usually no different than it was before pregnancy. Inside, however, you may notice some changes. These may include:
Breast tenderness– Sore or tender breasts is often one of the first signs of pregnancy for many women. It can begin as early as within days after conception, and at 4 weeks pregnant, you may notice it even more. Some women experience breast tenderness right before their period, so it may not be the most accurate sign of pregnancy in those women.
Morning Sickness– While morning sickness typically begins around six weeks of pregnancy; some women begin to experience it as early as four weeks.
Moodiness– Changing hormones can wreak havoc on your moods, leaving you crying over very minor issues one moment, and laughing inappropriately the next.
Frequent urination– If you think the urge to run to the bathroom every five minutes will not start until your baby is big enough to start kicking your bladder, think again. Frequent urination begins as early as 4 weeks pregnant because your uterus is already starting to swell, which can put pressure on your bladder.

– If you watch a lot of movies or TV shows, you may have noticed that every character finds out their pregnant right after they faint in the middle of some major moment. While it may be overused as a plot device, it is actually based on fact. You are more likely to become very dizzy or faint during early pregnancy, possibly because the swelling uterus compresses the veins in your legs, which can cause your blood pressure to plummet.
At 4 weeks pregnant, another monumental event may occur—this is most likely the week that you will find out you’re pregnant. Implantation coincides with the date that you are supposed to start your period. If you regularly track your cycles, or even have a vague awareness of when the next one is supposed to begin, by the end of week four you will most likely realize that you’ve missed it and take a test to find out if you are pregnant.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I never paid all that much attention to what was happening when I was in the early stages. I was just so happy to be pregnant.

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