What Is The Proper Pregnancy Announcement Card Etiquette?

Ready to share your news but worried that you'll upset someone in the process? Check out our tips for the proper pregnancy announcement card etiquette!

If you have just found out you’re expecting, you may be asking yourself What Is The Proper Pregnancy Announcement Cards Etiquette? Being sensitive to others feelings, as well as making sure you and the baby are safe and healthy is important. While many people choose to announce to everyone immediately, sometimes it is best to think this through a bit.

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What Is The Proper Pregnancy Announcement Card Etiquette?

Tell your family first. Make sure you tell the grandparents, your siblings and close family first. If you announce on social media before they are told it can hurt feelings. You don’t want your family or those who are closest to you to feel left out or as if your news wasn’t special to share with them.

Wait until after the first trimester. While the majority of pregnancies have no complications, miscarriages do happen. Rather than announce the moment you find out, it is wise to wait until after the first trimester which is often the most volatile time. This will make it less difficult on you and your friends should something happen. While everyone hopes to see their pregnancy to term, we have to face that facts that sometimes that just doesn’t happen. You can still be excited, share with family and close friends – but avoid the formal announcement until you are out of the danger zone. It’s much easier to tell a handful of people about a loss, than to have to share that with 100 people or all of social media down the road.

Be sensitive to friends who have infertility issues. We have all had someone in our circle lose a baby early in pregnancy, or perhaps have a difficult time conceiving. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your news with them, but it does mean you may want to be more sensitive in delivery. For those individuals, a phone call may be a better way of letting them know than a card. You can let them know you want to share your news, but will understand if they prefer not to see the constant updates throughout pregnancy. Many social media forums have options for making some status updates private or shared with only a select group. This will allow you to interact as normal, but be able to keep those updates that could be frustrating to a friend hidden. Friends will always support you, but sometimes you need to support them by making sure your joy isn’t creating a burden on them. Open communication is best in these situations.

Share on social media only after family has been informed. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest to share your happy news with friends and family. There are many great ecard pregnancy announcements that you can use to share with just one click.

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These tips for proper pregnancy announcement card etiquette will help you to navigate this exciting time with ease.

Do you have any other pregnancy announcement card etiquette tips you’d like to add? Share in the comments!

20 thoughts on “What Is The Proper Pregnancy Announcement Card Etiquette?”

  1. In our country, most pregnancies were just announced thru FB but rarely do they send out nnouncement cards..it is only during baby showers right before birth that we get these types of cards.

  2. I never really heard of pregnancy announcements. I sent a birth announcement but not one to announce the pregnancy. We waited until the second trimester and told a few people to start with before announcing it to everyone.

  3. These are some great tips. We sent out announcements with similar guidelines. Telling your family first is a must. We didn’t do that too well the first time around. Lesson learned!

  4. I am not sure I am a little cautious and I tend to think I would not send out announcements and stick with friends and family. These days I find some are more concerned with making announcements that get noticed, viral videos etc than about the pregnancy itself. I think it can go overboard fast.

  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I personally liked telling family and close friends first then the rest of the world a little later. That way I had someone who I could talk to about it all, and yet I still had a precious little secret.

  6. I think telling close friends and family is key… finding out a loved one is pregnant on social media would not be a nice feeling! I also totally agree with waiting until after the 1st trimester… many people are announcing on social media practically while they are peeing on the stick (dramatic but you know what I mean) 🙂

  7. I didn’t know cards like this existed! LOL. I think that social media/blogging has made it so easy to share pregnancy news. I told my parents and my in laws around month 4 and let them spread the news! everyone else just found out when i started to show!

  8. I am definitely out of the loop. I never knew such cards existed. I also assumed that couples shared with their closest friends and family members via phone or in person. I’m not sure if I’d use an announcement card when the time comes.

  9. These are great tips for pregnancy announcements. I think social media has make it so easy to over share to soon for pregnancy news. I have seen some cute cards and photos the past couple of years.

  10. I think these are really great concerns and tips. As someone who is TTC and having difficulty, the endless gushing on Facebook can be hard, even though, as you say, I support my friends and am happy for them. I think a phone call is the best way to break it. Definitely important to wait until the first trimester as well.

  11. I think these are great tips to keep in mind when sending out announcements and I also agree that it is important to wait after the first trimester, so you can have a strong confirmation.

  12. I waited until I was about 6 months before we told anyone and we didn’t send out any cards but I see today that people are very unique with the way they tell others.

  13. I just had a baby and I did pretty much everything you list here and even more so. I waited until almost 5 months in to start sharing the news outside of my family and a few close friends. I was definitely mindful of sharing with people I know that have infertility issues.

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