7 Creative Pregnancy Belly Paintings To Inspire You

You are going to have the best photos with our creative pregnancy belly paintings! Check out our inspiration, you won't forget these memories!

Something that is totally fun to do when you are pregnant is to have a pregnancy belly painting created. While it can sometimes feel like you are pregnant for a long time,  in reality, you only have a bump to show for a little while. Strut your stuff and enjoy this special moment! We have some fantastic ideas if you are considering pregnancy belly paintings, just make sure to have a camera!

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Pregnancy Belly Paintings: How To?

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There are several ways you can have a pregnancy belly painting created into a work of art just for you! If you know someone with art skills, you can purchase an easy to use belly painting kit online. It’s so important to use paint that is intended for skin now more than ever since you’re pregnant! You can also use other paints that are designed for skin and are water based. (Stay away from the acrylics!)

If you are lucky, you may be able to find someone locally to paint your belly. I would start first with local artists who do face painting. I’m sure you remember seeing the kids walking around with the amazing full face designs, imagine what they can do painting your belly! I have also seen an occasional photographer who offers this service as a photo shoot. Painted bellies do make for a fun maternity photo shoot!

Creative Pregnancy Belly Paintings To Inspire You

Now that you know how to have your beautiful pregnant belly painted, let’s check out some inspiration!

Fairy Love

Aww! This fairy painted belly design is so pretty. I think these two fairies make a beautiful memory.


Special Delivery Around The World


This design is a play on having the whole world in your hands. I love the tiny stork delivering the best kind of present.

Forest Love

This painted belly design is super cute for the mom-to-be. Check out this dreamy forest scene!

Super Kid


Can’t wait for your little superhero to arrive? Show the world just how strong your kid is!

You Are My Sunshine


This song is the song I sang to my daughter all the time when she was a baby. This picture gives me all the feels!

Sports Love


Are you a sports fan?This is totally inspired to start your kid cheering for the right team early!

Breaking Out!


Haha, this design just makes me laugh. This design is for the funny mom, or the mom who is just REALLY done being pregnant!

Which of these pregnancy belly paintings is your favorite? Did you have your belly painted? Tell me about your experiences in the comments!

*Images via Pixabay

12 thoughts on “7 Creative Pregnancy Belly Paintings To Inspire You”

  1. christina aliperti

    These are all so adorable! My sister in law had this done when she was pregnant with my twin nieces. The artist painted an ultrasound showing the twins. It was amazing like all of these!

    1. Hi Liz,
      It only takes about one and a half hour, and believe me most of the moms have trouble sitting still and most of the baby’s start kicking somewhete along the time. I’m a bellypainter for 6 years now and its the best job in the world :)

  2. Haha, aww the last design was so adorable! I never got my belly painted when I was pregnant, but my sister is pregnant now. I’m totally sharing this with her. :)

    1. This was a momma from Holland and a pappa from USA who thought of this design hence the hearts on the different places in the world and the bird flying in the middle

  3. There are so many fun and creative ways to celebrate a couple’s pregnancy these days. Painting on your bulging pregnancy belly was unheard of back in the 80’s when my children we born!

    1. Hi Kat,
      painting on skin is as old as people :) It started with clay, In the 70’s it was pretty big among hippies but now it is so popular again! But in your pregnant time you had probably the funkiest hairdo :)

    1. Hi Andrea,
      It was actually painted on a very crowded babyshower :) But ofcourse you can choose however you like to have a bellypainting. If you like more inspiration check http://www.bollepret.nl
      It’s in dutch but you can scroll hundreds of photo’s
      Best regards Anouk

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