The Most Magical Pregnancy Announcements On Pinterest Now!

Searching for the best pregnancy announcements on Pinterest? We have gathered some of the most magical ideas we can find. You simply must look!

Finding the best pregnancy announcements Pinterest can be daunting. There are so many good ideas out there that you could quite literally get lost in a sea on announcements for days. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out! I’ve gathered some of the best pregnancy announcements on Pinterest all in one spot! I’ll throw you a lifesaver in the middle of the sea of baby-to-be cuteness. Check out my pics below!

The Most Magical Pregnancy Announcements On Pinterest Now!

Baby Balloons

I keep seeing these cutesy letter balloons everywhere lately. What an incredibly adorable pregnancy announcement those shiny letter balloons make when they spell Baby! I love this picture even more for its cherry sunny day, and the mama-to-be’s beautiful red skirt that makes the photo pop!


This couple has a list and is on the path towards filling their dreams. Showing their checklist to the world through several “photo booth” style pictures is an adorable way to tell everyone they are pregnant!

Shadow To the Future

This is an interesting idea I had never thought of! This couple is showing what is coming ahead in the future through their silhouette! I love how at first this looks like a nice shot of the couple but when you look closer at their shadow you can tell that a baby is on the way for sure!

Add An Extra Bike

Here is another super sweet photo for a pregnancy announcement. Check out the couple getting a little lovey dovey smooching over a bicycle. On the back of the bicycle is a tricycle attached to the bike with a rope. The picture is adorable but don’t attempt to really take a kid for a ride this way! Cute announcement!

Kid Countdown

Big family, small family, ANY family can countdown their kids! Check out this adorable picture of all the kids in the family numbered on their bellies from oldest to youngest. At the end of the row is mom with number seven on her belly. What a cute way to have your kids help you tell the world another adorable bundle is on the way!

Eating For Two

I love this spin on the typical pickles and ice cream themed announcement. This mom to be has created an adorable bowl (probably with sharpies?) filled with ice cream that says “Eating for Two” in bold letters on the bowl. This is a fun idea that is sure to make everyone laugh.

So do you like our picks for the best pregnancy announcements on Pinterest? Tell me in the comments!

*Image via Pixabay

9 thoughts on “The Most Magical Pregnancy Announcements On Pinterest Now!”

  1. These are adorable. When one of my best friends had her baby, she posted a picture of her and her husband with a cute sign that said baby on board. It was adorable!!

  2. Those really are cute announcements! At 65 I won’t be needing them for myself but I am going to tell my younger relatives to get creative next time–and tell them to come here to get some suggestions.

  3. These are such great ideas! We actually announced our pregnancy the night before my birthday. We used a photo of our son and the caption was fairly subtle, but effective and fun. 🙂

  4. I love love LOVE the one with the trike! I almost teared up and felt a lump on that one. It’s so romantic and a creative way to say “Hey, we are becoming a family”.

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