Pregnancy Announcements Gone Wrong

With so many ways to announce your big news, you may be tempted to go a little overboard. Before you do, check out these pregnancy announcements gone wrong!

We have all come across those pregnancy announcements gone wrong.  They kind of leave you thinking ‘What in the world?!’  And then it is your turn.  You are pregnant and you want to announce it to the world in the most original way and something that is special to the both of you.  Just be careful, something getting too creative can backfire!  Here are just a few pregnancy announcements gone wrong.

Pregnancy Announcements Gone Wrong

The Trekkie Announcement: While you have a love of all things Star Trek, try to avoid using this as your pregnancy annoucement.  I did come across a nice couple who did this.  Father-to-be was pointing some sort of ‘life detecting’ machine at soon-to-be-mommy’s belly.  The text by his head said ‘I detect a life form’ and the text by her head read ‘interesting’ while she has an inquisitive look on her face.  While creative, it was just all wrong.

Buried In Sand: While this can be fun, it will no doubt be messy and might not get your message as clear as you want.  Being buried in the sand is fun as a kid, until you grow up and realize you don’t want sand in places you didn’t know you had.  So, if laying in the sand and having someone build a pregnant belly on you is something you are thinking about, just keep your options open.  There is another way to announce your pregnancy!

Social Media: We all love social media.  It allows us (good or bad) to post what is on our minds at any moment of the day, for the whole ‘world’ to see.  Before you make your pregnancy Facebook or Twitter official, be sure to let your closest family and friends know first. However you decide to do that, be sure those important people don’t find out you are pregnant when they log into social media.  They probably won’t be very happy with you.

With so many ways to announce your big news, you may be tempted to go a little overboard. Before you do, check out these pregnancy announcements gone wrong!

Mad Big Brother/Sister: You have created the little sign announcing you are pregnant.  It says something cute like ‘Mom and Dad are making me a big sister!’ and you are about to snap the cutest pic ever of your proud little human who is being promoted, and…she starts to have a tantrum.  Nothing like catching their true feelings on camera right?  If it were me, I would use it anyways, it makes for a good story to tell when the kids are older!

The Avid Hunters: Just because you are an avid hunter, does not mean you need to use that idea in your pregnancy annoucement.  It is not the camo that turns us off, it is the image of a pregnant woman standing by her man, with a target painted on her belly.  While we get the idea, it’s just not a good idea to be shooting at your unborn baby.

Pregnancy Announcements Gone Wrong: How NOT to Announce Your Pregnancy!

There is a fine line when it comes to announcing your pregnancy.  Being creative is great!  But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, sometimes that just goes in the wrong direction and your pregnancy announcement ends up in a post like this one.  

How did you announce your pregnancy?  Was it something you wish you could do over?  Share your announcement ideas with us below!

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Announcements Gone Wrong”

  1. With my son, we did the traditional posting of just showing the ultrasound. After 2 miscarriages after him though, with our daughter, I was 20 weeks till we announced, it was around Christmas so we put our son’s 1st xmas ornament on the tree, an angel ornament for each angel baby, and then a rainbow ornament to announce that we were expecting our rainbow baby in May. :)

  2. Those announcements are total fails. We just called all our family members when we found out we were expecting. Once they all knew, we posted on FB for all our friends scattered throughout the US.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I can imagine all sorts of things going wrong, which is why we kept is super simple with ours back in the day.!

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