Announce Your Pregnancy in Style with these Cool Video Ideas

Check out these fun & easy Pregnancy Announcement Video Ideas to share your good news with family & friends! Make your announcement really original!

Make your baby announcement memorable with one of these Pregnancy Announcement Video Ideas! Since social media has become such a center of our daily lives, it is of course expected that you might use something like Youtube, Vimeo or even Instagram to create a short and fun video to share your great news with friends and family. These ideas are perfect for helping you to give this special message to you loved ones this year.

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Opening the gift. One of the best ways to announce a pregnancy to your friends and family is to create a note, gift or item that gives a due date or simple, “we’re pregnant” announcement and pack it into a box as a gift. You can do this slowly as a time lapse video, or you can potentially video as your spouse opens the gift. This could later be edited and used as a fun pregnancy announcement video to share with your friends and extended family via email or social media.

Time lapse of pregnancy test. If you are fairly certain you are pregnant, or even after the initial test, you can take another pregnancy test but do a video looking down on the test as you wait for the time to lapse until it shows if you are pregnant or not. Add a stop watch in the background to show the time and then edit with a fun intro and closing of you and your spouse formally announcing your upcoming birth with due dates.

Relationship time lapse video. Gather pictures from the first of your relationship until now. Create a time line using the best pictures of the two of you together. End the time line using a picture of you holding up your positive pregnancy test, or a sign with “and makes 3 – due” with the prospective due date listed. This is a super fun way to share your love for each other, and excitement about the upcoming birth with your friends and family.

Insanely Awesome Pregnancy Announcements

These pregnancy announcement video ideas are perfect for creating that video that will make everyone laugh, smile and cry tears of joy with you. Bringing a new life into the world is such an amazing experience, and being able to announce that in a fun unique way that will be a memory you can save to share with your child later on. Create lasting memories while giving your circle of friends the best news this year!

Do you have any other great pregnancy announcement video ideas? Did you share your news this way? Tell us in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Announce Your Pregnancy in Style with these Cool Video Ideas”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What marvellous ideas, thank you so much for sharing them with us. Unfortunately when my babies were due many years ago, there was only 8mm film out there and not too many had that either.

  2. I really like this cute idea. Sounds like full of fun and so much creative as well. This would definitely give an awesome enthusiasm to the whole family, which would really be a part of everlasting sweet memories.

  3. Last week, I spent hours looking at pregnancy announcement videos on YouTube. Some people come up with the most inventive ways to do it. I loved seeing the reactions of family members!

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