A Photo Shoot Turns Unexpected for a Dad-to-Be

Brandon Dow woke up one morning and began preparing for a photo shoot in the park with his wife, Bri. He and Bri won a free photo session with photographer Samantha Boos, who had captured their wedding photos almost a year before.

Brandon assumed Samantha was looking to shoot some photos for her portfolio, so he happily went along with the idea. As he and Bri drove to the park near their Eau Claire, Wisconsin home, Brandon probably thought it was just another day. Little did he know, his life was about to change.

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The photo shoot guise was Bri’s brilliant idea, and she worked closely with Sam to pull it off. Recounting the story on the couple’s joint Facebook page, Bri shares that Brandon “had NO idea what was going on. My photographer and I sat down to plan the details so when we got the park he would have no clue. Sam already had my board done so she just had Brandon write three nice things on his board.”

Samantha Boos Photography via Facebook

Hard at work, the three nice things Brandon chose to write were “love, cute, and sweet.” What perfect descriptions both of his relationship with his wife and his soon-to-be relationship with the baby he didn’t yet know about!

Samantha Boos Photography via Facebook

Bri stood holding her board in anticipation as Brandon finished writing his words.

Samantha Boos Photography via Facebook

As Bri and Brandon turned toward each other, Brandon got the surprise of his life!

Brandon was immediately overcome with emotion upon realizing that he and Bri would soon be welcoming their first baby.

This twist on the baby reveal is not only creative and fun, it is also extremely heart-warming. The photos beautifully highlight Samantha Boos’ talent. She manages to perfectly capture the emotion of the reveal– Brandon’s initial willingness to go along with the chalkboard idea with a kind smile, Bri’s unbridled excitement for the life-changing news she is about to share with her husband, and both Bri and Brandon’s elation once the reveal takes place.

Of Samantha, Bri said on her Facebook page, “She was there on our wedding and there for our baby reveal, we can’t wait for her to capture other future special moments in our lives! Everyone has been SO kind with all of their comments and we have heard from several people to keep posting photos for you all to see.”

The photos went viral almost instantly and have been reported on in a number of news outlets. Bri Dow and Samantha Boos have both responded in the most humble of ways (it’s pretty fun to read their comments as they repost the stories – it seems they can hardly believe it!), but they both are worthy recipients of the notoriety. Bri’s idea was refreshingly unique in a world where most ideas are recycled, and Samantha’s work is impeccable. It is clear that Bri and Brandon will be wonderful parents as they welcome their bundle of joy in February of 2017. Congratulations, Dow family!

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17 thoughts on “A Photo Shoot Turns Unexpected for a Dad-to-Be”

  1. My goodness, this is such a wonderful way to announce your pregnancy to your husband and the photos are quiet amazing & touching. It feels so great to witness such emotions that are so real along with so much of happiness as well!

  2. what wonderful photos. I can see why they’d want the same photographer along for future events. Why mess with fan-tas-tic!

  3. I’ve read about this somewhere and I think it’s absolutely adorable! To see the husband react that way with the news, it’s really heartwarming. There’s nothing better than welcoming a new life into the family.

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