7 Best Gender Reveal Ideas That Will Have Your Family Screaming In Excitement

Need gender reveal ideas that will get the whole family excited? Check out this list that will have everyone cheering for pink or blue!

New parents are getting so creative these days with their gender reveal ideas, and are including the whole family! When I was expecting a couple of years ago, we held a low-key pregnancy celebration at a restaurant and unwrapped an adorable set of baby PJs as a surprise to announce the gender. At the time we were the first in our circle to have this kind of celebration, but now the pink or blue party ideas are getting even bigger and more fun! Check out all these amazing ways you can include the whole family and friends in your big moment with these epic gender-reveal ideas! Please note that all of these are either announcement videos or are galleries of pictures right in the post! Make sure you click on the image to see the video or more images in the gallery.

7 Best Gender Reveal Ideas For A Family Party

1. Smash!


Wow this gender reveal video is so fun! Everyone gathers excitedly outside and then dad takes a swing with a baseball bat to reveal a bright blue splash of colored powder. I bet they used a similar powder to what is used in the celebration of Holi in India and Nepal, and also used in infamous Color Run! Even better, you can make your own homemade non-toxic colored powder for the big reveal!

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2. Include The Pups


Ok, this with this video I was laughing so hard, I had to stop writing for a few minutes. I LOVE that this couple not only included their whole family but got their two dogs in on the action. What a fun (and hilarious!) way to reveal your pink or blue moment to the inner circle. I think my friend’s dog Pogo needs that tutu in blue, they just had a boy!

3. Up Up And Away!


Gather your family and friends and give them something to cheer! I like this adorable Up themed gender reveal. What a big splash for a magical moment with friends! This lady did a fantastic job creating that house.

4. Say It With A Song


This southern gentleman is doing it right! I love this custom song this family wrote that included both of their girls and announced the gender of the new baby. What a creative idea, and such a happy memory for the whole family.

5. Kaboom!


If you loved the baseball bat explosion reveal above, this gender reveal takes things up another notch! Make sure to click the video above for an explosive reveal. I love hearing the family and friends cheering in the background!

6. Slimed!


How many of you out there remember all the slime that used to be on Nickelodeon’s Double Dare and You Can’t Do That On Television? This couple had an interesting take and chose to get slimed to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Your family will not want to miss this event, it’s unforgettable!

7. Storefront Reveal


This idea is an excellent way to involve a family business! In our family, one member owns a restaurant that we gather at regularly for family celebrations. How fun would it be to gather at a family business for this adorable storefront reveal? This idea is a new type of reveal that I hadn’t seen before, but it is a fantastic way to incorporate such a big part of your life in your excitement!

Which one of these gender reveal party ideas is perfect for your family? Which ideas are perfect for that friend, sister or family member who is pregnant? Tell me your favorites in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “7 Best Gender Reveal Ideas That Will Have Your Family Screaming In Excitement”

  1. These are all such great ideas. I wish I would have done some of these before I had my girls. I love all these creative ways everyone is doing gender reveals.

  2. I love these ideas and I think it makes guessing the gender for the rest of the family even more fun! I really like the first one, it’s simple and yet very creative!

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