All Of The Most Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These fall pregnancy announcement ideas will have you reaching for your cozy sweater and grabbing a pumpkin. See our ideas to break the baby news in style!

Bright orange pumpkins, colorful leaves, and cozy but light maternity sweaters are the perfect backdrop for a fall pregnancy announcement! Personally, I feel fall is a great time to be pregnant! Expecting mamas are usually more comfortable in autumn than in the hot summertime because the temperatures are cooling off. You also don’t have to bother fitting into a coat that closes all the way. Have you tried to fit a baby bump in a winter parka? It’s not easy! Fall just feels cozy and with the trees putting on a show in colors, it’s time to snap a few fun pictures to announce your pregnancy. Whether you have a baby on the way or just like seeing the adorable announcements like I do, you need to check out these cozy autumn ideas below.

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All Of The Most Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Reading In The Leaves

If you add colored leaves and cozy sweaters to your pregnancy announcement, it will instantly feel like autumn. This little boy is doing things right, check him out reading his sweet brother book outside in the fall leaves. Adorable, right?

Carve a Jack-O-Lantern

This baby announcement idea will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! This sweet couple takes us on a short adventure as they pick pumpkins, carve them into jack-o-lanterns and reveal a lovely surprise at the end. I bet you can guess what the surprise is!

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In our house, the crisp, clean fall air also means the start of football season. I can hear you cheering through the screen for your favorite team sports fans! That is why I love this fun “Touchdown” football pregnancy announcement. I am totally sharing this with my friend who is trying for a baby and is a huge Pittsburg Steelers fan!

Adorable Fall Onesie

I have seen some cute onesie announcements around the internet. I think this “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” is an adorable way to let your family know a baby is on the way. This idea leans a little bit more towards having a girl since there is that old saying that little girls are made of “sugar, spice and everything nice.”


Another way to give your baby announcement a bit of autumn flavor is to just add plaid! A classic red plaid instantly gives a fall vibe, but cozy greens, deep maroons or dusty mustard yellow colors work too. Check out this adorable family who is going all in on the plaid theme without overdoing the idea. I love how the kids have plaid shirts, and mom and dad are in black with a touch of plaid.

Field Of Sunflowers

Sunflowers and chrysanthemums (the flower not the person!) always remind me of fall and are a beautiful way to add a pop of color to any picture. Those bright yellows, dark oranges, and rusty red colors make everything feel cozy like fall. I love this couple’s baby announcement idea, now to find my very own field of sunflowers!

Adding More Pumpkins To The Patch

The heart pumpkin at the end just gets me every time on this sweet idea. This is an excellent way to take that pumpkin autumn theme and include all of the siblings when you let the world know you’re having another baby!

So did you make a fall pregnancy announcement? Tell me all about the fall ideas you love in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “All Of The Most Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas”

  1. These are all so cute!! I don’t have kids yet (and don’t plan to probably for another 2-3 years), but from time to time, I think about how I would want to announce my pregnancy!

  2. Those are adorable. I always enjoy watching and looking at pregnancy announcement from different couples, they’re all so creative! There’s nothing like welcoming a new life in the world.

  3. These are adorable! My friend was getting ready to have her photos done this fall and ended up delivering her baby 10 weeks early so no photos :(

  4. I love seeing all the different ways people announce their expected bundles. I had no idea of how to do any of that so I just called everyone. lol After seeing all of these, I feel a little left out.

  5. These were such cute and creative ideas. I Love the idea of using pumpkins and the sign “adding another pumpkin to our patch”, how clever!

  6. What cute ideas! They make me wish that I had a fun announcement! 3 years ago, we brought a “Surprise, I’m pregnant” cake to a Halloween party. It was exciting. :)

  7. Oh I love these! The only pregnancy we got create for was for our youngest 3 yrs ago. I got shirts saying “WHHHHATT” (for our oldest-son who was 14 at the time) “Gonna be a Big Bro Again (my then 10 yr son) and YAY I’m gonna be a Big Sis( for our youngest little girl who was 6 at the time) and I recorded their reactions and OH my oldest was the FUNNIEST he told my husband HOW COULD YOU!! Ha… ask me who basically can’t live w/out his baby sister now.. yup the one who had the biggest reaction.

    Thanks for sharing these!

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