7 Darling Ways To Share A Baby Number Three Pregnancy Announcement

Whether you're sharing a baby number three pregnancy announcement, or maybe it's baby four of five, we have you covered. See our darling announcments!

So you’re sharing a baby number three pregnancy announcement soon? Or maybe it’s baby number four, five or six? Every baby is a gift, which is why you should sing it to the world. Ok, you don’t have to actually sing your pregnancy announcement unless you want to, but you do deserve an adorable announcement. I’ve found some hilarious and sweet pregnancy announcements for families announcing baby number three is on the way.

Share A Baby Number Three Pregnancy Announcement (Or Baby Four or Five!)

Figurine Fun


How incredibly cute are these little wooden dolls? This looks like the kind of handmade item you either make yourself or ask someone to make for your on Etsy. What I love most is after your announcement you have a very lovely keepsake, beautiful!

Mommy Is Pregnant Again!


Aww, look at that adorable face! So technically this chalkboard style announcement was for a second baby, but you could easily use this same idea for baby number three. If your kids are older and you can coax a shocked face, that would be perfect! If the other kiddos are little, plan to take this photo at the crabby time of the day.

The Kids Are In Charge


With baby number three on the way you  may be wondering how two of you can go three different directions. Don’t worry, the kids are coming up with a plan. Look out!

Mod Mickey


So this sleek and adorable announcement is technically announcing baby number six if my count is right. How freaking adorable is this family! I love this picture, so simple and cute!

Ready To Pop Collage


How CUTE is this balloon idea including  multiple kids! I’ve seen a similar idea for a couple, but never would have thought to include the siblings in this fun announcement idea. They are all adorable!

Full Of Happiness


Hearts are full, bellies are full, hands are full. This family has a whole lot more sweetness on the way with baby number three around the corner.



Let’s face it, getting multiple kids to make cute faces at the camera can be challenging. No one wants their pregnancy announcement to be a disaster, but it can be frustrating when the kids aren’t cooperating. Check out this adorable collage and catch everyone at their best! While this family is expecting baby number four, it’s super cute idea that can adapt for any family.

I don’t know that I can choose, these families are all so adorable. Which is your favorite baby number three pregnancy announcement?

*Picture via Pixabay

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  1. Haha, everything is just so cute. The second one with the kid crying is really a gem. Lol. These are very creative ideas! So cool.

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