5 Sweet Baby Gender Announcement Riddles That Will Keep Your Family Guessing

How Sweet! See these baby gender announcement riddles that will keep your family guessing!

It’s a girl, no it’s a boy!

If there is a baby on the way, you might be looking for the perfect gender reveal riddles for a little fun.

Being pregnant can be such a sweet time, and announcing the gender to family or friends is fun!

You may want to stretch out the moment a little longer though, and these riddles do just the trick!

Your loved ones will flip when they solve the puzzle and realize it’s a girl….or boy!

Check out my ideas below!

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5 Sweet Baby Gender Announcement Riddles

1- Joy Joy Joy!

I know my heart is filled with joy bursting for the sweet mama who this poem is for!

Our hearts are so filled with joy!

We are having a baby and guess what?

It’s a…. (boy)

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2- Pink Or Blue

This one has a quick switch  depending on if it’s a boy or a girl!

Can’t wait to see our pearl (joy)

Guess what’s coming soon?

We know it will be a…. girl (boy)!

Need more ideas? I love this gender reveal scavenger hunt:

3- Time To Twirl

Little girls and their twirly dresses, the picture in my head is so cute!

We are just finding out

And we are going to cheer and twirl

Guess what Grandma

It’s going to be a…… (girl)!

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4- Ultimate Acrostic Gender Reveal

Did you ever make those acrostic poems in elementary school where you write a word down the page and then create a poem from the letters?

This is the ultimate acrostic that will keep your whole family going. I have a version for both a girl and a boy, you’re in luck! With this type of riddle, I find it’s handy if you make the first letter in each sentence bold, or slightly bigger to help them figure out the riddle!

 It’s A Girl!

In mommy’s belly I will grow

Tiny fingers and tiny toes

Some don’t know what my gender will be

Although you might already see!

Guess if I’m a girl or boy

I’m sure either way you will jump for joy!

Read this riddle with great care

Look really close and we will share!

It’s A Boy!

In the belly I will grow

Tiny hands and tiny toes

Secret will my gender be

Although you might already see

Between the lines the truth does lay

On the surface confused you’ll stay

You might be happy either way!

5. Word Scramble

If you love the acrostic idea and want to make another fun puzzle out to reveal your baby’s gender, try a word scramble! Ask your friends and family to unscramble the messages below (one for boy and one for a girl).

Girl: rl erae givang a hriw

Boy: bw are oahnig a vye

Ok friends, which gender reveal riddle do you love for a baby announcement? Do you know of any more gender reveal riddles? Tell me down in the comments!

16 thoughts on “5 Sweet Baby Gender Announcement Riddles That Will Keep Your Family Guessing”

  1. Never thought of doing it in a riddle, we did do a cake filled with M&Ms for our last one. No one was surprised when it was a boy, since that’s all I make.

  2. These are all so great. I never thought about doing riddles like these. I wish I would have done this when I had my girls.

  3. Rebecca A Swenor

    These are all really cute baby gender announcement riddles. I would have never thought of this idea for the announcements but it is really a cute idea. Thanks for sharing the riddles.

  4. These are fun ideas. We posted an ultrasound photo of my son’s profile picture. Then everyone was trying to get us to spill the beans. After an hour or so, we told everyone it was a boy. :)

  5. A riddle is a great way to announce the baby’s gender. My friend is expecting. I will have to share this with her.

  6. We did a gender reveal for my 3rd child. We had the color of blue (it was a boy) baked inside the cake. I didn’t know what the sex was. My husband did. Everyone loved finding out together!

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