5 Unique Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Check out these great Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas perfect for surprising your friends and family with the great news!

One of the best parts of being pregnant is having fun sharing the good news, and if you are expecting at the holidays these 5 Unique Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas are perfect for you this year.  Invite your friends and family over for a fun traditional meal, party or late night of decorating for Christmas and share your great news with them in style.

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We’re Pregnant Ornaments:  Host a decorating party with your friends and family.  Before they arrive, grab some clear or solid colored ornament balls and use a paint pen to write “we’re pregnant” on several of them.  Put them back in the box and watch and wait as others reach to hang them on the tree and discover the fun and unique hidden message in the box of ornaments.


Bun In The Oven:  Whether you are hosting your fiends for dinner, or you are headed to a party and need to take a food item, this is perfect.  Buy or make a great loaf of bread, buns, hot rolls or other muffin/bread that everyone will enjoy.  Put into a simple box that has been marked on the inside lid with “We have a Bun In The Oven Due xzy”, with the due date.  Great fun way to announce to everyone!

Wooden Block Sign:  Grab the wooden blocks with numbers and letters on them, or pain our own.  Use them to display a message on your mantle or table that says the number of weeks until the baby is born.  Phrases like, “until we are parents” or, “until big brother arrives” are great to make your friends and family smile in surprise and delight at your subtle announcement.

Baby Bump Shirts:  Have the expectant mother wear a shirt that has a slogan saying, “bun in the oven”, “baby on board”, “baby due to arrive”, etc.  This is great for wearing under a sweater or jacket and surprising everyone at once when you decide to take your sweater off later in the day.

Under Construction Sign On Nursery Door:  This is much more subtle, but perfect for those who have family coming for a holiday meal.  Wrap ribbon around the door to what will be the baby nursery.  Add a picture of the ultrasound or a sign that says, “Under Construction: Project Completed By” and add due date as project completion date.  Encourage family members to walk by door to get supplies, etc.

Sharing the exciting news of the birth of your next child can be tons of fun around the holidays.  These unique Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to make everyone in your family and circle of friends squeal with delight alongside you.

Do you have any favorite unique Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas? Share them in the comments!

32 thoughts on “5 Unique Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas”

  1. Oh my goodness – I love the bun in the oven one. There won’t be any announcements in our home but I can’t wait to share this with a few of my friends who are newly expecting.

  2. Those really are cute ideas! If I hear of anyone I know whose children are going to become parents I will definitely tell them about this.

  3. What a great list of pregnancy gift ideas, seriously adorable. I love it. Since I am in love with Christmas season decor, I would totally love to have something like this in the past during my pregnancies, but no more babies for this Mama, I will share these ideas with some friends who may be planning babies!

  4. Some of these are great! I really like the Bun in the Oven boxes with rolls in them! If by some miracle I am pg right now (doubtful after 5+ years of trying but hey I can hope!), we would be announcing it on Christmas day when everyone is together. I was thinking of a handpainted t-shirt for dd to wear on Christmas day that would say I’m the big sister. I would have her help paint it and keep the secret!

  5. Those are super cute ideas! I was just having my baby a few days before Christmas a few years ago so understand how important it is to carve out a special moment for you and baby during such a busy season!

  6. These ideas are such fun ideas! I wasn’t pregnant during Christmas with my first, but if I need to announce it during Christmas, I will definitely try these out!

  7. I love how pregnancy announcements and gender reveal parties are so popular now :) I guess announcements were always something people did, but I thank Pinterest everyday for bringing me cool stuff like this :) I wonder what there are for Hanukkah reveals :)

  8. haha! I LOVE the bun in the oven idea. I’ll have to keep these in mind in the event we have any ‘surprises’ in the future. Sometimes I still get the itch to have more before it’s too late :D

  9. I love the bauble! We skipped our parents to tell them last year, it was so much fun. We told them that their present was in the screen and they had to search what they could see and guess!

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