5 Most Spectacular Pregnancy Announcement Cards On Pinterest

Looking for unique ways to announce your baby bump? Check out our picks for the most spectacular pregnancy announcement cards on Pinterest! These are the 5 Most Spectacular Pregnancy Announcement On Pinterest that we have found this year. Not only are the beautiful, they are unique and fun in every way. We love unique ideas that are just a bit different than the normal. They give you a truly different way to announce your pregnancy to friends and family.

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5 Most Spectacular Pregnancy Announcement Cards On Pinterest

Bun In The Oven Bake For 9 Months: This is a great way to announce a pregnancy to your friends and family. While the image shown at the link is of someone who is obviously into their 2nd or 3rd trimester, you could use the same theme early in pregnancy as well. Add the estimated due date and you have great announcement that is unique and fun.


Bump Ahead: This requires a bit of work to locate either a sign you can Photoshop over, or an original Bump Ahead road sign. It’s a cute way to announce your pregnancy at any point in the early days. You can set this up at any location in your area. At home, on the road or against a building. Just as long as the Bump Ahead sign is visible!

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I Finally Stopped Drinking – I’m Pregnant: For the wine lover that suddenly gets pregnant this is the most spectacular pregnancy announcement card on Pinterest. It is just too perfect to use for that gal that is always going to wine tastings.

Parenthood Coming: This funny picture is a great way to look sarcastically at impending parenthood. Everyone loves the television series Parenthood, but even if you aren’t familiar with it there is so much humor in this image of a messy house, hair and family adjusting to a new life.

First Come Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Scrabble Pieces: This is an elegant way to announce a pregnancy using scrabble pieces, a simple background and wedding rings to tie it all together. It can be adjusted for your style and preferences, but the idea is super cute and classy. Instead of the basic background, you could include lace, gender specific colors if you are announcing after gender reveal or even a theme that matches your family and personality like military, floral or rustic.

These are by far our favorite spectacular pregnancy announcement cards on Pinterest. They are beautiful, elegant and easy to recreate to share your wonderful news with your friends and family.

What are your favorite pregnancy announcement cards on Pinterest? Share in the comments!

20 thoughts on “5 Most Spectacular Pregnancy Announcement Cards On Pinterest”

  1. These are great pregnancy announcements. I love the Scrabble one. I will have to share this with my friends that are trying to get pregnant.

  2. Ann Bacciaglia

    Pinterest has so many great ideas. I wish i would have thought of doing something fun to announce when i was expecting.

  3. Ohh my gosh these are hilarious! I totally love the messy one with the dad baking, that has to be my favorite!

  4. Bonnie @ wemake7

    Those are some wicked cute announcements. I wish I was more crafty when I knew I was expecting.

  5. What a great idea! My pregnancy years are all just a big blur. I’m going to make sure my daughter does these when she’s married and expecting.

  6. These are all cute! I especially like the Bump and the First Comes Love – they are my faves. What in the world did we do before Pinterest? Love it!

  7. These are totally stinkin cute! Great ideas! I can spend HOURS on pinterest if I’m not careful. Oddly enough my three most popular boards are so different: Game of Thrones, Books and Reading Inspiration and Travel! (these are a few of my favorite things!) :-)

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