4 Adorable Ways To Make A Pregnancy Announcement With A Gift Basket

Say it with a gift! Make an adorable pregnancy announcement gift basket to delight your family and friends. Check out four clever & cute ideas!

When you have exciting news such as a pregnancy, you might want to announce to your family and loved ones with a big bang. A special pregnancy announcement gift basket can start your declaration off with a bang! The good news is that things can still stay simple even if you have a bigger gift in mind. Check out some of my simple but adorable gift baskets I found below. Whether you are announcing to your husband, your families or your coworkers and friends you will find the perfect gift to announce your adorable baby!

4 Pregnancy announcement gift basket ideas:

Italian Prego Kit


This is an adorable idea from over on Mom Endeavors. Throw together a little gift basket with pasta, a colander and Prego pasta sauce. If you are using this to announce a pregnancy, I would include a little pregnancy announcement card that says “I’m Preggo!” This is also a funny and thoughtful gift when you find out someone close to you is pregnant.

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Read Up Daddy


Looking for a way to tell your partner he’s going to be a daddy? I like this thoughtful basket pulled together by blogger Laura & Co. Throw together a book about parenting for dads, a super dad shirt or mug, and a cute card for an unforgettable announcement. Don’t forget to tuck in the positive pregnancy tests to let him know you’re not joking, a baby is coming soon! You could also adapt this for grandparents or other family members who will be a big part of your babies’ world.

Yummy Gift Basket To Announce To A Group


If you want a fun way to announce you are pregnant to your coworkers, your family or another larger group of people you have to try this idea. Gather some sweet treats that are irresistible. Over at School Counselor Blog, she provided brownies and donuts for her announcement but you could use any indulgent treat. Place in a basket and then add a sign that says “Eat Up! My Mommy doesn’t want to be the only one with a belly! Love Baby.” What a sweet way to announce a pregnancy!

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Adorable Poem & Grandparent Gift


This adorable little gift basket acutely is featured in a homemade box, but you could easily put this together in a basket also. Over at The Paper Pixie, she put an embroidered onesie in a box that says “XOXO Coming Soon.” You could make this with fabric paint, or simply put in a neutral baby onesie if you do not know the babies gender. Then add the adorable poem. The poem is somewhat long, but here are my favorite lines:

But all will change come February 16th;

When my parents say, I’m due.

I am your new grandson or granddaughter;

And I can’t wait to meet you!

There are so many different kinds of pregnancy announcement gift baskets, some humorous and others sentimental. I think my favorite is the Italian Prego Kit, my family would laugh so hard if I gave them that little gift basket. (Don’t get your hopes up mom! I’m not announcing a new member of the family right now, haha!)

Which pregnancy announcement gift basket would you give your loved ones? Tell me your fav in the comments!

Image Credit: Ali Mir

20 thoughts on “4 Adorable Ways To Make A Pregnancy Announcement With A Gift Basket”

  1. Awww these are such cute ways to announce a pregnancy. I love how creative people are getting with their announcements now, makes me wish I would have done something creative.

  2. Ha! I love the prego one. I so wish we would have done something fun to announce both of ours. I did surprise my husband with our first one but that was it.

  3. Something about using the word “preggo” to describe pregnancy just gives me the creeps! Haha… but the rest are totally cute. For my first pregnancy, my husband read “Dude You’re Going to Be a Dad.” It was funny and helpful!

  4. Love the donut idea, so cute! I actually broke the news of my pregnancy to my husband by giving him that book “Dude You’re Going to be a Dad” he was like ‘thanks,’ not realizing that I meant NOW! lol 12 weeks later we found out we were having twins though and then new books were needed 😉

  5. Such cute ideas to announce a pregnancy. I think giving books and cute baby clothes are the way to go! I know I made a cute diaper basket for my sister when she announced her pregnancy!

  6. These are all such cute ideas. I did something similar with the donuts for my gender reveal. I brought in all pink donuts for the office.

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